In Glassdoor’s study, companies with innovative training programs were found to be the most profitable. Retention can be increased by 82% through an onboarding process. Onboarding employees with innovative training can make them feel more engaged and help them contribute better.

Using Gamification to Develop Innovative Training Ideas

Would you like your onboarding process to be exciting for your new employees? Gamifying the training process will increase employee engagement immediately. The most serious training can be made fun of with games. By doing so, workers will remain focused.

In addition to entertaining employees, gamification challenges them as well. New hires can work on strategies without too much pressure as each onboarding task can be gamified.

The effective use of gamification relies on the employees feeling rewarded for their efforts. Employee engagement can be increased by 50% through gamified onboarding activities, which could eventually result in a 50% increase in employee retention.

Other innovative training programs include

  • Immersive technologies 
  • Integrated feedback system
  • Soft Skills
  • Microlearning
  • Social learning

Is There a Way to Make this Training Even More Effective in the Future?

The existing training methods should be improved by looking ahead. Training trends for the future should be highly successful.

  • Blended Learning
  • Interactive Guidance
  • Artificial Intelligence

What is the Onboarding Process Meaning For a New Employee?

What is the adjustment process for new employees? What are the steps involved in introducing them to their colleagues and role?

Almost 33% of all new employees search for another job within six months of being hired, making onboarding more important today than ever.

Onboarding: Keep it Simple

Typically, new hires will stay with your organization for at least three years, even with a well-designed onboarding program. Even though onboarding isn’t a new concept, many companies haven’t adopted best practices for onboarding 2021. Over 35% of organizations lack an onboarding program.

Is Your Onboarding Process Ready For Improvement?

Improved onboarding will decrease employee turnover and enhance retention. Innovative ideas for training are key to providing your organization with a competitive advantage. To craft the best learning strategies for your organization, follow the learning and development trends of 2021. Some emerging trends are worth watching out for, such as immersive technologies, gamification, mobile learning, and interactive guides.

In What Way Should Employees be Onboarded?

You should consider the available resources and the training methods in your company when creating your employee onboarding process. Onboarding employees is how you make sure they are a good fit for their roles and let them know about the perks of employment.


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