There are over 11 million regular hunters in the U.S.

Most people started hunting at a young age; their parents took them out as kids, teaching them all of the tricks to get the best shot. But what if you were never taught how to go hunting? Are you past your prime?

It’s never too late to learn how to start hunting. Hunting is a sport and pastime for people of all ages.

If you’re wondering how to get into hunting, here are four pieces of advice you need to know first.

1. Get Your Hunter’s Safety Card

First things first, you need to get certified. A hunter’s safety card is essential for all types of hunting.

This certification is not only compliant with the law — you’ll know how to learn to hunt but will also know how to be ethical. You’ll also know the different hunting seasons as well as other restrictions, depending on where you live.

Every state has different certification requirements. You should always check your state’s standards with local authorities.

2. Know What You Would Like to Hunt

After you’re certified, it’s time to plan your hunt! The first step is knowing what you would like to hunt. Since you’re a beginner, it’s recommended you train with pros. Even common hunts, such as deer, are difficult for beginners.

You should also discover the local hunts in your area. If you’re unsure, ask your state’s Game and Fish department or a game warden.

3. Research Your Hunt

Researching your hunt is the ultimate hunting for beginners’ advice. Let’s use the deer example again. Deer are very fast and all hunters need to recognize early signs of deer activity and movement in order to catch one.

It’s also recommended you research deer hunting tactics. There are plenty of resources online that will make deer hunting easier.

Who said you have to research your hunt online?

Go places where hunting is prohibited, such as wildlife refuges and state parks, but you can still observe wildlife. You can view animal behavior up close and in person, enhancing your knowledge even further.

4. Have the Right Gear

You can’t hunt without the right gear! Of course, knowing what to buy also requires research. Only buy high-quality gear, especially rifles. Even buying “starter gear” is a bad idea, since this gear is typically low-quality.

Once you have your rifle, some accessories will benefit your hunt. For example, there are lots of gear you can use as a rest so you’re not holding your rifle all day.

However, be mindful of your gear. Carrying lots of gear on your hunt will only slow you down.

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How to Get Into Hunting: Get Certified, Research, and Buy the Right Gear

Do you want to know how to get into hunting as an adult? The first steps are getting certified, researching your hunt, and using the right gear.

Continue reading our blog for more how-to guides.

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