Dental marketing ideas are critical to the success of your practice as a dentist. For your dental practice to grow quickly, you need to be seeing at least 30 new patients every month at your clinic.

This can be done by running Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Primefunnel pay per click marketing agency can help you get more patients with by creating profitable advertising campaigns.


And to attract new dental patients, you have to offer unique and competitive products at competitive prices. Furthermore, your services must be quality and exceptional, with a comprehensive dental marketing plan.

When you are trying to market your dental practice, you need to have a SWOT analysis of your business. This will ensure that you identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within the market.


What sets your dentist practice apart from other dentists within your area? This question seeks to identify every item that puts you ahead of your competition. You may be engaging in the intensive dental social media marketing or even hired a reputable dental marketing agency. List down all the things that you believe put you ahead of your competition.


What are the negative feedback that you have received from patients? At this point, you have to be honest with yourself to identify your weaknesses and improve on them. Patient reviews can be a great starting point to identify your weakness.


This is the point where you identify the loopholes in the market that you can take advantage of. For example, if you realize that most competitors are not engaging dental SEO marketing, then you can hire a dental SEO expert to help you rank higher for dental services in your area.


Pinpoint the issues that your practice has to prepare or anticipate to defend itself against! Maybe it is the threat of another dental firm coming up with a better product than the one you are offering. You need to develop formidable dental marketing ideas to evade such a threat from competitors.

You will need to know the current status of your dental practice and formulate the necessary dental marketing ideas to favor your practice in the future. Ensure that you do a SWOT analysis numerous times during the year.

Here are some of the dental marketing ideas you can implement to attract new patients to your practice every single month and grow your business.

Patient referral bonus system

For an established dental practice, at least 70 percent of new patients need to come from internal patient referrals. However, the existing patients do not often view your dental practice as a growing business in need of more clients.

Therefore, you have to come up with a way to keep your name in their minds so that they can refer their friends to your business. The referral bonus program is the best way to do this.

You can motivate your clients to refer their patients to your practice by offering them free or discounted check-ups in case their friends show up.

This program has double benefits because both new and old patients can refer new people to continue getting discounts or free dental products.

All you need to do is hand out referral cards at the office and add them in all the other mailings that you send to your clients.

Identify your target audience

Did you know that women make 90 percent of all the dental decisions? They are the consumers who make informed decisions and preferences for their families.

In today’s market, there are many dental practices to choose from, so you have to provide a dental service that is directed towards women.

Review your overall marketing image, including your existing collateral and dental practice logo to be enticing to women.

This dental marketing idea will increase the chances of women contacting your practice to seek your services.

Women are known for window shopping. They do this to ensure that the product will meet all their needs.

So when creating collateral for your dental practice, ensure that you work with a dental marketing agency that understands how to market to women.

Engage with members of your community

The primary target audience for your dental practice should consist of the neighborhoods and consumers that live within your proximity. Your business dental clinic must have a positive community image to get new clients and referrals every single month.

You can create a positive community image in many ways. You can send out a monthly newsletter that educates the community on how to keep healthy teeth, including nutrition.

This, in turn, triggers engagement with members of the community.

You may also offer free check-ups and cavity filling during certain days in a year. For example, during public holidays and community celebrations, you can offer your services at discounted prices.

Participating in voluntary activities also allows you to interact with potential clients and makes dental practice become a household brand.

Provide offers that edge out your competition

When it comes to dental marketing, you need to offer the best services at reasonable prices to beat your competitors. For instance, you will not advertise a dental specialist at 99 Dollars when four other dental practices are offering the same services for only 39 Dollars. Provide services that are convenient with customers such as one-visit treatments and weekend availability among many others.

Your staff has to be attentive and professional when handling patients. For example, if your front desk team does not lift their heads when a client approaches, it may portray a wrong first impression. Moreover, if your hygienist is rough on clients, they may never return.

New-patient call handling needs to be spectacular. Most dental offices lose new patients through poor phone handling. Your front desk staff needs to be trained regularly by an expert dental marketing agency to improve on phone handling.

Regularly Update your Website

Even though more than 50 percent of your new clients will be referrals, these folks may first look up your dental practice online. This is why you need to regularly update your website to provide a compelling message that instantly impresses them.

You need to encourage patients to provide positive reviews online, and the best way to do this is to include the request in your newsletters. Dental email marketing also a great way to improve your website traffic.

There are numerous dental marketing ideas which can bring lots of benefits to your dental practice. Apart from creating a patient referral bonus system and participating in community events, there are other dental marketing ideas that you can implement.

They include social media marketing, conducting patient satisfaction surveys and practice and brochures, among others.

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