How to Get More Tumblr Likes?

“Are you know about Tumblr?” Excellent Tumblr alternative for those users who want an online space to share texts, images, videos, links, quotes, audio and animated GIFs to a community. In the sea of choice and social media, Tumblr presents itself as a new meeting point for those who want to spread content and information on a wide variety of topics. 

If you want to start your experience on this platform well with a considerable number of likes, we share some tips to teach you how to increase your likes for your Tumblr.

Use Ideal Theme

Before anything else, you need to be very careful in selecting the theme for your blog. It is essential to choose one that is aesthetically beautiful but at the same time functional, i.e., where the reader can find the “like” and “reblog” buttons. Besides, it is a good idea to have the “ask” button. The ideal themes show multiple posts together, preferably all of them side by side and not just one at a time.

Label Usage

At this point, it is recommended that you take the first step, that is, look for the most interesting ones to add. You can search for some great words in different languages in the top right bar to find and talk to friends from other countries. Alternatively, you can search for anything related to your native language. Therefore, several posts that you may “like” will appear when you do this.

Focus on the Right Issues

Be careful when choosing your content. First, don’t follow the people you expect to be followed. There are many themed blogs (especially foreign ones), and if you like animals, for example, look for blogs that talk about them and bring you the most beautiful, that is, the highest quality content. That way, you’ll have lots of inexhaustible photos, images, or other types of posts (quotes, emoticons, cartoons, GIFs, videos, etc.) to reblog.

Be Active

Another tip to increase the number of followers and likes on your blog is to be active enough. If you don’t have sufficient time to go to the Tumblr platform every day, you can schedule posts at specific times. The best time is when you have the most followers; Obviously, what is the best time will be discovered by experience.

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Build Relationships

For this, you can choose to like those who decide to like you (as long as the account responds to your interests, obviously). This strategy allows you to build a strong relationship with new followers. Besides, we encourage them to continue connected to our site, and thus we have a longer time to show the quality of the content we develop.

Synchronize Your Account

Linking your activity on Tumblr to other social networks encourages more people to know that you are present on the site and how you are working on it.

For this, you can share material from your page on blogs and web pages. Also, don’t forget that you can link your account with networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Send Message

Tumblr allows you to exchange messages directly with other bloggers. To do this, you need to find the letter-shaped icon at the top of your screen after logging in. You can increase your likes count with Tumblr users via your blog posts via message.

Getting Tumblr Likes

To buy Tumblr likes in the most reliable and fast quality, you only need to order InstaFollowers. You can easily initiate like transactions without sharing your Tumblr account password. People who will order automatically provide likes if they share the profile link or the link of the post to be liked. With the automation software service, it is now that easy to get Tumblr followers.


Finally, use only the most relevant and engaging photos and content to share and keep the interest of people like your posts. The trick is to make an effort first to keep people’s interests the way they are and get people’s attention.


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