Are you trying to get the most enquiries for your business sale and find the perfect buyer? Well, you have come to the right place. If your business sale is not generating enough leads and you’re not receiving enough interest from potential buyers, it could be that your business sale is not on the right websites.

Marketing gurus and entrepreneurs use a variety of tools to enhance enquiries, generate leads, and boost conversion rates. When it comes to selling a business you need to engage various marketing strategies to give your business sale the best chance at success.

1. Find the right spots to advertise

Find the advertisement spots which produce the most interactions and views from genuine buyers. If you are placing your business for sale on free websites such as Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace you are not necessarily appearing in front of your target audience. You need to ensure that your business is featured on top websites such as In Australia, there are 5 major business for sale websites such as Bsale, so you want to ensure you are appearing on all of these websites. This will garner plenty of views and enquiries for your business. Applying a feature to your business for sale ad will help it appear at the top of search results, giving you more exposure.

2. Create a Seller Ad

It is important to create an ad that stands out from the crowd. Here are 3 major areas to focus on when creating a listing to sell a business;

  • A lead image that is clear and engaging, whether using an actual photo of your business or a stock image – it needs to encourage a user to click through and read more information.
  • Format your ad by utilising sub-headings such as; location, products and services, team, lease and potential. This allows viewers to quickly locate the information they are most interested in.
  • Call to Action – you want to sell the buyer what to do next. Will they need to email you to complete an NDA, do you want them to call, do you want them to visit the business. Guide the buyer so they know what is expected of them.

3. Understand the time it takes

In Australia, it takes on average 6-12 months to sell a business. It’s not like selling a house or a car, it takes time. Time to find the right buyer who has the capital to invest and buy your business. As a business owner, you know what it takes to own a business, the buyer you find needs to be ready and willing to take over your business. 

Selling a business is a process, one that requires the professional assistance of a business broker, accountant and solicitor. Always make sure you are prepared for the process. Bsale has a great guide to selling a business that could assist you in the process.