For anyone who runs a website the most important metric by which success is measured in traffic. How many users are coming to the site on a daily and monthly basis? It is these numbers that are important when it comes to monetizing the site – either through e-commerce or via advertising. In short, if you don’t have any traffic then you are not making money and you are running your platform more as a hobby than as a business – which is fine if that is your goal, but a disaster if you are hoping that it will be able to wash its face financially. So how do you get your website to stand out from the crowd and to be better than its competitors? Here are a few tips.

Play to Google

A significant amount of traffic comes via search engines and of these Google is far and away from the biggest and most important. So, it is very important that you are well indexed and optimised for search with them. In the old days, when people wanted to find goods or services they used a directory, now they type what they are looking for into Google and everything else follows from there. So, make sure that your site is set up properly for SEO Australia is a competitive place to do business is and you need to ensure that you are top of the pile.

Speed is important

When you are producing content try to be the first to do it and make sure that it is original. If your website or blog is a content producing one, let’s say for example that it is a cricket blog, then, if you want to be beating your competitors, you need to make sure that the match report that you publish is out on site before your publishers get there done. In a world where there are ten or more websites publishing a match report, generally speaking, it is the first report that gets published that will get the most traffic. The truth here is that people are not very brand loyal, or perhaps more specifically, they are information hungry.

Be original

Whatever content you produce, it needs to be original. Search engines will punish the publication of unoriginal content and users will shy away from sites that simply reproduce reams of quotes and unoriginal thought. Rather set yourself up to be a thought leader, too much content regurgitated from Twitter or other platforms is not doing you any favours.

Keep it fresh

Websites need to stay fresh and constantly need to be showing signs of life. In simple terms, if a user comes to a site in the morning when they arrive at work, they need to see something different to when they were last there at bedtime the night before. A website that fails to update its front page regularly will chase people away. If the content is the same, change the image. But work it constantly to ensure that return visitors see changes. People are information hungry and they want to feel as though each time they come back that they are getting something new.