Most of us procrastinate doing laundry, folding, and keeping away our clothes. But procrastination is a subtle act of corruption.

We all have our laundry pet peeves, and also share the desire to keep our space and clothes looking neat and fresh. On that note, we will be discussing 7 tricks to give your laundry a boost.

Stay True To The Colors

It’s not just the detergent and temperature of the water that makes the clothes lose their color. If you fill the washing machine to the brim, the clothes won’t get enough breathing room, rub against each other and eventually lose their brightness and shine.

Therefore, ensure that the washer is never loaded fully.

Sort Them Out Correctly

While we all know that washing light with dark is a complete no-no, what we often forget is separating clothes based on materials.

Heavy or abrasive fabrics like denim, fuzzy sweatshirts, and pullovers should be washed in a separate bundle than the delicate ones. Soiled and muddy clothes should be kept and washed separately than slightly muddy pieces. Lastly, towels should form a different stack because they can add lint to other garments.

Also, keep in mind to use detergents based on the clothes you are washing. Use only specialty detergents for your delicates; otherwise, you will run a risk of damaging the fabric.

Less Is More In Terms Of Detergent

According to contrary belief, using more detergent doesn’t wash the clothes better. It just makes them dingy with residue.

No matter the electric equipment’s model, use only the amount of detergent that is required to clean the clothes in the washer. In case the clothes are extremely dirty, add more detergent later, based on the requirement.

When using high-efficiency front-loader washing machines, make sure you use the detergent accordingly, as written in the manual.

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Got Stains On The Clothes? Treat Them ASAP

Did you accidentally spill wine on your white shirt? We have all had to deal with stains before, but unfortunately, half of us were doing the wrong thing.

Rather than waiting for the laundry day to clean that white shirt, attend to it immediately. Create a mixture of detergent & water and spray it thoroughly on the stain. Then wipe the area with a clean, dry cloth.

If you don’t have access to the detergent powder, use soap or hand wash to create the mixture.

Furthermore, don’t ever scrub the stain, trust me when I say this, never do that. Doing this will result in the stain spreading and weakening of the fabric’s threads.

Empty The Lint Trap After Every Wash

Even if you are feeling lazy to clean the washing machine, never commit this crime. Be truthful and loyal to your equipment, and spend time thoroughly cleaning the washing machine after every wash. You can use foaming tablets so that the washer smells clean and looks fresh.

Make sure to empty the lint filter because it can clog the dirt and result in a fire hazard.

Perform A Quick Bleeding Test

Are you concerned that the new dress you bought will color all your clothes away? Well, worry no more.

Perform a quick bleeding test before that dye bleeds. Take a damp white cloth and stick it to one part of the dress. If the white cloth slowly starts gaining color, wash the colored clothing separately until the color stops running.

Fasten The Zippers And Unbutton The Shirt

The metal teeth of the zippers scratch the insides of the washing machine and snag on other items. Therefore, zippers should be completely zipped before you toss them into the loader.

Furthermore, wash bras in a laundry bag. The hooks can damage the fabrics of other clothes if they fly around.

Lastly, don’t leave the clothes unbuttoned. Doing this can damage the buttons and rip the holes.

Final Words

An organized laundry room is a great start. There are many other ways to keep your clothes in the top form.

That’s why, in this blog, we discussed 7 efficient laundry practices. Hopefully, this was helpful.


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