Customer service was once thought to exist solely to resolve complaints. In today’s world, customer service has become integral to any business. Customers have increasingly viewed it as a deal-breaker (or deal-maker). With so much competition, consumers expect nothing short of full satisfaction – and they can easily change to another provider if you do not.

Supporting your customers means making them happy by providing them with seamless, recognizable, and enjoyable experiences. Customer experience is today viewed as the best tool a company can have to market to its customers. This is something we wholeheartedly agree with!

Learn how customer service can propel your business forward!

Understanding Customer Service

A few years ago customer service or support was thought to be a way to help customers during and after the purchase process . Furthermore, some organizations considered their customer service departments as reactive. This means that they only stand by a company when a customer complains. 

Customers today expect more than traditional telephone support. Businesses now have more communication options than ever before. Besides e-mail, live chat, social media, and text messages, customer service agents are available via many different channels.

Customer support is more than simply answering questions and solving customers’ problems for companies that want to grow their revenue. An experience is defined by a relationship between the brand and the potential customer.

Additionally, since customer service is a team effort, increasingly more departments are involved in it. Customer service questions sometimes require cross-departmental collaboration and extra effort. For instance, Spectrum is known for its legendary customer service. There is also a “help” option in the My Spectrum app to send customer complaints and suggestions to the right people so that they can be catered to in a timely manner. Such methods need to be implemented by both big and small businesses.

How Does Customer Service Affect Business Success?

The competition among companies today is fiercer than ever before. Prices, products, and locations influenced customer decisions in the past. With internet growth, today’s customers care more than ever about their experience with a company or brand.

90% of Americans use the quality of customer service to determine whether or not to work with a business.

In addition to reducing customer churn, providing fantastic customer service will also improve customer retention. Moreover, companies with remarkable customer service cultures also have faithful customers who will gladly recommend your service or product to their family and friends. In terms of marketing, word of mouth is the most valuable (and the cheapest).

What is the impact of bad customer service on customer experience?

Microsoft conducted a survey and found that more than 20% of customers do not believe their feedback will be taken into consideration. It is not a good idea to be one of THOSE businesses, especially in today’s digitally advanced era where customer service is more important than ever. Customer service actions reflect on many customer experiences.

Customer service has always been an integral part of any business, but today, it is a top priority. With so many businesses, it is only logical that everyone should stand out in order to succeed. You will have happy, loyal customers who will stand by your side when you provide great customer service. Moreover, social media has become the norm, and every bad review can be the start of the end for a business. Always do your best and customers will undoubtedly be on your side!

In the context of your brand or organization, customer experience is the sum of all the interactions with your brand. During its lifetime, the customer journey never really ends.

Customer support begins with the purchase and delivery of the product or service. However, it encompasses much more than that. Customer experience (CX) measures how customers feel about a company. Different emotional, psychological, and physical connections are typically associated with those feelings.

With that in mind, you can better understand how customer service culture can improve the customer experience. You can get burned by bad customer service just as hard as you can get burned by amazing customer service. One of the worst consequences of poor customer service is a high churn rate.

Besides a high customer churn rate, lousy customer service has the following indicators and effects:

  • The spread of bad news will be faster than that of good news
  • Your leads are no longer converting
  • Your customer lifetime value may drop drastically
  • The best agents are leaving
  • You become a victim of a loss-making cycle

Every business and industry has its own particular problems and needs when it comes to customer service. There is no one-size-fits-all customer service formula. In order to solve problems without compromising the customer experience or CS quality, you need to find the perfect solution.

Customers often complain that they are ignored and that their needs are delayed, which is a terrible idea, and you do not want that.

What Can You Do to Fix Bad Customer Service?

Managers and customer support teams face a challenge when trying to recover from poor customer service. We can help you improve customer service by providing rules and steps, including advice on how to repair damage from poor customer experiences and how to retain customers.

The customer is always right, so keep that in mind. You will get bad reviews and negative feedback if you have an ongoing debate with your customers, no matter how right you were in a particular situation. You should instead offer to make amends to your customer and apologize for any inconvenience. There are many options available to calm angry customers, including discounts on next purchases, free or subsidized delivery, product replacement, and, gift samples. 

The customer will lose faith in you if you are intolerant, nervous, and lack empathy for their problems; not only that, but your support agent’s communication with him will drive him away from you. As a result, the customer will post their negative reviews on forums of social media.

You should invest heavily in training courses for your customer service representatives in order to help them better understand omnichannel communication. Today’s customer service agents communicate through multiple channels and must understand that every new interaction has the potential to retain or acquire customers.

For stellar customer service, it is important to incorporate the 3R rule: responsibility, respect and, resolution.


The role of representing the company is not an easy one. Often, mistakes in customer service occur because people lack focus, empathy, or understanding.

Regardless of some roadblocks along the way, the key is to know how to react in a tough situation and to make sure your customer receives the best customer service. Your customer’s problem should be addressed with compassion and understanding along with a sincere desire for a solution.

In order to provide terrific customer service, you need to have specialized customer service skills. Learning and developing all skills can be done with hard work and practice. You will receive different calls and messages from your customers. Customer loyalty can only be built by approaching every customer individually and providing solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

We hope that this post helps you enhance your customer service and increase your revenue in no time.

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