So now your hunt is over because this post is going to fill your vial of question. So it has been divided into four sections, so you can higher offshore software developers according to your taste and comfort so here are the ways which you could adopt.

Thanh Pham, CEO of Saigon Technology (you always can email him: to discuss further) shares on the news that as the first-time software outsourcing buyer, you should focus on following things:

  • At first you ought to set up a central office overseas or balance a distributed team?
  • Hiring developers for a distributed team
  • Hiring developers in a central office
  • Then the fourth one comes that how to evaluate candidates

The profits of the hiring in an office

Easier collaboration: If you have already any larger team along with everyone in the same office then it will be little bit easier for you in collaborating.

Easier in balancing attendance: there is a decided scale of the discipline in having people come to an office and it becomes easy for you to manage attendance issues in an office (however the software time Doctor does make it even easier for balancing the attendance, whether in any office or not. 

The few distortions at the office:   there are some people who have so many distractions if they do work from home but on the contrary office has very fewer distractions.

Internet speed and stability: Keeping good sources for the interest will strengthen the ability of your work and your team. So, keep it clean and provide the good internet.

Demerits of hiring in an office – (Profit of hiring from home)

Cost: If you are going to hire at the office then it is going to cost you more than home because you will provide the employee office and complete comfort at there. So, it will add up the costs of things like –Taxes, systems, rent, office, electricity etc.

Taxes: Because you are going to hire from everywhere so you need to inaugurate in the country where you are going to hire and you will need to pay taxes (or you will have to hire subcontract companies who already pays off their own taxes and gives you the cost onto you.)

Office politics: There are normally so much offices politics where people work simultaneously in a person.

Geographic Boundaries: You will be able to hire only one at one location even after your office would be based in any city.

Commuting: For information, commuting should be very comfortable, because your staffs will have to travel a lot and you will have to pre-book everything that already in these areas.

Where to hire developers for a distributed team?

So, if you are willing to hire distributed team then your budget will be one of the aspects in hiring because it would depend on your choice of singling out the country and then your budget. Suppose if you pick up developer from the Philippines then you will have to pay them 40,000 pesos per month and if you have higher budgets like 2- 4k per month then you will be able to be able to single out more countries.

Countries to single out

Always try to explore more and more. Because when you will embark on searching people from all over the world you would find many such talented developers because it is very hard in finding great developers from India.

When your budget is shoestring of your budget is very limited then you may also hire from everywhere but at the same time you cannot hire from expensive countries. So, there is no worry been if you do not have good budget so you may try for junior developer because they also seek out for opportunity, they will pass the touchstone.

 Consider this: Global Software Outsourcing Rates Report.

Set own office

So, this is one of the main options and you can go for this one if you would like. There are people who might find it good but there will be people who might not find it good option for them but yeah, this one is also considerable.

  • You will have to set up the company in the country wherever your office will be situated.
  • This has not that much flexibility but yeah it has some merits too, it will be a proper office.                                                       
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