The environment comprises of various metals, and while some are not harmful, others such as arsenic and lead, can be dangerous. It is because of this that testing soil for heavy metals is very important if you want to be successful in farming. 

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), no product for human consumption should have heavy metals. To produce high-quality products that are free from heavy metals, you need to start by identifying the right soil testing laboratory, and we are going to explore some useful strategies to consider.

What are Heavy Metals?

Metals are natural constituents found naturally in the ecosystem, from the water bodies to the earth’s crust. Unlike other types of metals, heavy metals have high electrical conductivity, implying that they tend to lose electrons fast to create cations. Here are some of the dangerous heavy metals that you should be concerned about.

  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Cadmium
  • Mercury

Most of these heavy metals are very harmful when they get into the human body. For example, arsenic and lead are associated with problems such as cancer and complications in the nervous system. This is why you should have your soil tested for heavy metals.

Tips for Identifying Heavy Metal Testing Laboratories

The best method of ensuring you produce heavy metal-free crops is ensuring that your soil does not have heavy metals. However, it would be best if you start by selecting the right laboratory dedicated to heavy metals, and here are some useful tips to help you.

Ability to Do Heavy Metal Analysis Rapidly

 Soil testing is used in helping farmers make the right decisions about their operations, such as the types of fertilizers to use. Therefore, the best heavy metal analysis lab should be able to complete the test fast so that you can make the right decisions to increase production.

Licensed to Provide Soil Testing in Your  Area

Notably, every state has its own regulations for companies that are allowed to operate there. So, you should only work with a legit company. For example, if your farm is in Texas and needs soil analysis services, make sure to ask this question; “Is this soil analysis lab legit in Texas?”

Commitment to Help  Farmers become Successful

When searching for a soil analysis lab, it is advisable to look for the one that does more than testing. Because the ultimate goal is to increase production, you should look for a third-party laboratory that is willing to go a step further to help you optimize production.

One of the laboratories that have demonstrated a special commitment to helping farmers succeed is Sante Laboratories. The company not only tests the samples promptly, but it also supports hemp farmers to craft the right management strategies for high production and success. Even if you are new to hemp farming, they hold your hand and ensure you become successful.

Ability to Run All the Test

While the primary focus here is heavy metal analysis, there are other tests that you also need to do. Therefore, the best laboratory should be able to run all the tests and give the results promptly. For example, Sante Labs can help you test the soil for heavy metals and do nutrient analysis. When your hemp is ready for the market, they can also do potency tests, pesticide tests, and bio-contaminant tests.

If you want to be successful in hemp farming, you need to ensure that the soil is free from heavy metals through soil analysis. When you identify a good laboratory to help with heavy metal testing, you will also be assisted in optimizing production.