When it’s time to get to work, you don’t want anything to get in the way of your ability to do an excellent job. After all, when you’re running a business, you really can’t afford to procrastinate. Each time you opt to waste time, you lose money. Money can be replaced, but time cannot. This is why it’s to become extremely efficient with the way you use your time at work to be productive. If you’re struggling in this area, consider the following tips.

Eliminate distractions

Oftentimes, people look to social media as the largest distraction for people who need to get work done. Truth be told, most smartphones already have trackers that will show you how much time you’ve wasted by scrolling on social media. However, it’s not the only distraction. Scrolling through YouTube, talking with coworkers or listening to music can be major distractions as well. It’s important to know your workflow. If a podcast playing in the headphones will distract you, get rid of it. 

Take note of hindrances

Sometimes, an employee’s workflow can become inefficient due to a system they’re using or trying to learn. If a computer is old and needs to be updated, this will directly impact its ability to function properly. As a result, an employee will struggle to open a simple email because the process takes so long.

The same sentiment holds true for anyone who is learning a new system. If the system is inefficient or outdated, get rid of it. If there’s a better, faster way to do something, use that system. If you’re running a website and it keeps crashing when visitors try to complete transactions, it’s time to look into investing in other software and programs such as shopifyplus.com to get the job done quickly. 

Lead by example

Your employees are looking at you as their first example of how to operate within the workplace. If you lead by example, they will follow. As a leader, you have the ability to set the standard. By remaining focused and efficient, you’ll have the right to demand the same from your employees. It’s not enough to tell them to do as you say. This is because when you turn your back or don’t come into work one day, don’t be surprised if productivity is down. When you lead by example and demand the same from your team, it won’t matter if you’re in the office or not. There’s an expectation that work will get done no matter who’s watching.

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These suggestions might seem obvious to many people. However, they tend to be a lot easier said than done. For many people, the pain of procrastination is one that they’re familiar with. As a result, they just assume that there’s nothing on the other side of stretching yourself to do better. However, if you focus on mastering each moment of the day, you can look back, see all you’ve accomplished and know there’s no way you’ll ever settle for mediocrity in workplace productivity again.


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