Many people are amazed at how intermittent fasting has allowed them to lose weight. Fasting and sticking to your eating window during the week is easy. What happens during the weekends when you do not like to break your fasting schedule but still want to have a social life? Does being on intermittent fasting mean you cannot go out and eat with your friends? 

Intermittent fasting is the practice of alternating fasting and eating periods. This diet and fitness plan has shown remarkable results in health improvement and weight loss. 

There are several methods of intermittent fasting. You will need to do some trial and error to determine which fasting and eating window schedule works best for you. 

You can still reap the benefits of intermittent fasting without sacrificing your social life. The key is to be flexible and schedule your eating periods when you need to go out with friends and family. 

Here are some ideas on what you can eat while intermittent fasting and socializing. Your focus should be scheduling your eating window and knowing what to eat when socializing while intermittent fasting. 

Socializing in the Morning

If you are going to be socializing in the morning, schedule your eating window so you can enjoy breakfast with your friends. Allow yourself a longer eating window for this particular day. You can always quickly get back on track to your regular eating window the following day. 

You may also opt to skip eating during a morning social engagement. You can instead take plain tea or black coffee along with intermittent fasting mints

Socializing at Night

More often, you will be going out with friends at night, around past 8 pm. You can modify your fasting and eating window for the day and get back to your regular schedule the following day. 

It is important that you schedule your eating out with friends during your eating window. This will allow you to stick to your intermittent fasting plan and achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. 

Remember that with intermittent fasting, you can eat anything during your eating window. Take along some fasting products so that even if the fun extends beyond your eating period, you can continue to have fun with your friends while not having the urge to eat more. 

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Socialize without Food

This can be challenging because, as a norm, your social life typically revolves around food and drinks. You can, however, be creative and find different ways to socialize with your friends without eating and drinking. This way you can focus more on your intermittent fasting. 

You can meet your friends in the park and do some catching up while walking. You can invite your friends over and bond over some board games instead of meeting in a bar or restaurant. This will allow you to focus more on your conversation instead of the food. 

You can also join an organization, a book club, for instance. This way you will meet a lot of friends while learning a lot of new friends. This activity will focus more on the discussion rather than on the food. 

You can also meet an old friend over plain coffee. Again, the focus will be on your conversation instead of the food. 

It is easy to stick with your intermittent fasting schedule and have a social life. There are many ways on how to overcome hunger when fasting and creative ways on how to maintain an active social life while reaping the gains of intermittent fasting.

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