There is huge competition between businesses and they are using new technologies to attract customers. This brings the necessity of teamwork that can take care of different aspects of the business. An organization has to face many challenges and if each department has one or more teams, the challenges can be faced easily. Each team should have a team leader and a manager who can guide the team to achieve the goal of the department and ultimately the goal of the organization.

Qualities in a team leader:

A team leader should have the following qualities so that he can lead his team effectively and successfully.

  • Strong communication skills
  • Clear communicator
  • Respect others
  • Fair and kind
  • Skilled negotiator

There can be many other qualities, which help to develop a successful team.

Here are some of the keys, which will help a team leader to manage his team and achieve goals successfully.

Building trust among team members:

Trust building is an important process and it takes time to build trust between the team members and the leader. Lack of trust can lead to problems as the team members will not be able to tell their problems or provide ideas openly. So the first thing is to build trust. There are times when the team faces pressure. In such a case, trust-building can be done and the leader can help them, to bring the pressure down and work to achieve the goals.

Debates between the team:

There are situations when a team member or the leader presents an idea related to achieving a goal or finishing some task, which may be liked by some of them while others may reject. These ideas should be debated so that a final solution to the problem. If it will not be done, the opportunity of resolving a certain problem and sharing of ideas will not happen. The team leader has the responsibility to respect the idea of every team member. If an idea is rejected, proper reasons shall be given without demotivating him.

Decision making and action plan:

A team can achieve a goal only when perfect decisions are taken by the leader. The action plan that he has made must be discussed with the team so that they can provide ideas if changes needed. The team should also be committed to agree to the action plan so that no problem or conflict afterward. This will help in a smooth work environment and the goal will be successfully achieved.

Assurance of progress:

The team members should give assurance about completing the tasks they are given. The team leader should call for a meeting if any issue is there. The time should be reduced and only those points should be discussed for which a meeting is called.

Achievement of collective results:

The team should accept the mission that they have to achieve and accordingly prepare to achieve the goals.

Wrapping up:

These are some of the things that a team leader should apply to build trust and help the team in achieving the organizational goals. Good leaders like G Scott Paterson and others know exactly how to communicate. Toronto-based media venture capitalist Scott Paterson is considered to be one of the leading technology investment bankers in Canada.


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