Competition in the shipping industry is getting out of hand, which is one major reason why small players can’t keep their businesses for too long. Big shipping companies are taking over the industry because of the scant competition smaller shipping firms provide. Well, everyone knows the contribution of shipping service companies in our daily lives. Without them, it’s probably hard to deliver your packages to the receiver by yourself. It’s hard to imagine that scenario, and with all of the shipping businesses out there, that’s not going to happen.

Shipping companies are in all corners of the world. In line with finding the best shipping service, there never really is a wrong answer. If, however, your aim—as a small-scale online business or someone looking to send important documents to family in far-flung places—is to send your packages accurately, safely and on time, then you’ll need to select the best shipping service out there. In this post, let’s discuss how to look for the cheapest international shipping services in Australia and beyond.

#1: Ask about the costs of their services

A cheap shipping company has good cost leadership—that is, they use pricing as a strategy to market their services and get ahead of their competition. With good cost leadership, businesses tell customers that they are the most affordable in the industry. To remain competitive in the market, shipping service companies use low prices, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have low quality. Again, what they are trying to maintain is cost leadership.

If you will look for the cheapest shipping company in Australia and wherever, make sure to ask about their service costs because this is your primary consideration as a business proprietor or sender. This is so you can assess if the services of the company fit your budget.

#2: Evaluate customer service

Being a cheap shipping company doesn’t always mean having poor customer service. When choosing from plenty of shipping businesses in the world, make sure that you evaluate their customer service as well. Don’t just settle for the low price. You have to check if they are good at handling customer issues that might occur before, during or after the shipment of your goods. Go for a company that goes the extra mile to provide satisfactory customer service to their clients.

#3: Look for a company with whom you can build a partnership

There are shipping companies that value their customers greatly. And providing the cheapest shipping costs is one of their strategies to keep customers coming back. When looking for a cheap shipping company, make sure to look for someone with whom you can build a long-term relationship. With a good relationship with the company, you’ll be able to avail of services going to different routes around the world. Forming a partnership with your chosen shipping company gives you limitless opportunities.

#4: Compare shipping company prices

To come up with a great decision, you need to compare the prices of your options. This is one way you can choose the cheapest and best company for your shipping needs. There are a lot of shipping companies in the world, as we all know. If you will not compare their services and equivalent prices, you may end up availing of expensive services when there are other more affordable options in the market. You can compare prices online or head to different companies personally. Don’t just limit yourself with one option. You can consider two or more if you want to avail the most affordable shipping services. On online platforms like Shiply, reputed Shipping companies bid in a reverse auction model to give the maximum discount possible to the potential customers. You must use such a service to get the best possible price.

#5: Ask for a referral

Another way you can find what you are looking for is by asking for a referral. You can ask your friends and relatives about the cheapest shipping company they know. They have probably encountered using a shipping company’s services, so this won’t be a hard task to do. Once you’ve gathered all their suggestions, try to compare the services and the prices each shipping company has. You can opt for one company in the options and ask your friend to refer you to the company. If there would be discounts because of the referral, all the better.

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