If you have bought furniture for your outdoor place, whether it is a restaurant, café or your outdoor office furniture, there are some generic tips that you must follow to ensure a long life for your outdoor furniture. Although commercial outdoor furniture is built to be durable and withstand the harshness of the outdoors, still you should take care of the furniture to be on the safe side. As they say, precaution is better than cure. When we say outdoor furniture, we mean that the furniture is not meant to be kept inside a four-walled structure but out in the open, and being out in the open means exposure to the elements. The elements that can prove harmful for your furnishings are rain, direct heat from the sun, moisture in the air, dust, the wind is the most common wherever you are located on the globe.

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You have invested in your business by buying furniture, it is now up to you to make this a long-term investment and reap the benefits of the money you have spent on getting new and better furnishings for a prolonged period of time. First and foremost, the element that is present in almost all parts of the world is sunlight; it may not be strong enough to be harmful in some places but it can prove to have devastating effects in hot climatic zones. To protect your furniture from the sun, you can either get a separate standing umbrella for each sitting place or an awning for a bigger sitting area. Awnings can prove to be really useful for the protection of the furniture. You don’t want to take the furniture inside every time the sun gets hot and place it back and then keep repeating this cycle. Covering the furniture with a protective reflective cover for the time it’s not being used is another way of protection.

Rain is destructive for furniture. Just as rainwater can erode soil and rocks, it can do the same to your outdoor furnishings. Wooden furniture is particularly vulnerable as the water can seep inside the wood and make it damp; this can cause fungi growth and even rotting if not checked. Water will make the fabric lose its charm and comfort as when it gets repeatedly damp, leather can become hard and uncomfortable and other fabrics will get decolored. Although good furniture will come with protective features it is always better to use a water repellent to ensure water does not seep into the fabric and wood.

Regular cleaning will keep your furniture maintained, you can keep it from getting dusty and water-stained by covering it when not in use. Strong winds can damage the furniture almost instantly when there is a storm, lightweight chairs and umbrellas can get blown away and break. The best way to protect your furnishings from the wind is by bring the lightweight objects insides and shut the umbrellas.


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