Having closets is not only for the mansion anymore rather you can use it in your own customized way. It is a symbol of luxury and now you can keep it under your hood.  The innovation of it brings a change a lot and thus you can organize your room like a pro dressing area even if in an affordable way.

There would be a number of ideas to design and decorate your closets and we will show you all of them. After reading between the lines you will find it yours so let’s start. Click here for more information about portable closets.

Wardrobe closets

A wardrobe closet is the most popular one so far we know. It is well known as Armoire and has an amazing standing closet. When you are going to store tons of clothes then you can find them pretty useful. The size of it is the main attention and it is eight small men strategy, which is called a double wardrobe for a large size. If you have tons of clothes then don’t look before anywhere and fix your eyes on it.

After Armoire’s closet, another type of closet is Kas.  It has a monstrous size that comes from the land of Dutch and also found in the Netherlands. Those are fitted with shelves and drawers. Therefore, you can lock the valuable items inside of it. More people are love to have this kind of wardrobe since it has extra space with amazing safety lockers. This type of wardrobe would be no longer in use for the small rooms so make sure you won’t have it in a small room and make your room suffocating.

Types of Wardrobe Closets

  • Craft Cabinet Closet
  •  Living Cube
  • Above The Door
  • Urbana Loft
  • Dressing Island Closet
  • Vanity Closet
  • shoe Organizer Closet
  • Compartment Closet
  • Jewelry Closet
  • Makeup Closet

So you can see a wardrobe closet has so many versatile forms. In this versatile form, you can choose any of it that is shown above. Depending on the size of your apartment you can choose any of them. Like the craft, cabinet closet is for the boasting decoration whereas you can tuck your dress less but it eats up more space.

Living cube is designed for center studio room and it is divided into three different facilities. It has every crucial option that you want to have in your closet. A more luxurious formation of it with versatile meaning. Suppose, you can even have it under the bed or within the desk so see how versatile it is.

The compartment closets are the most spacious one and within this closet, you can store tons of clothes and necessary stuff over there. These types of closets are the most expensive ones too. The jewelry closets are the smallest, crafty and decorative types of closets. By the way, the main attention of it is with the safety lockers inside the closets and only if the owner of it can unlock.  The makeup closets must-have a mirror and it is pretty logical. This type of closets should be upgraded with the studio type closets unless it will lose the attention to its users indeed.

Assembling process of a portable closets

The assembling process is easy and you need to follow some straightforward process to accomplish it. Basically, we are going to give you some manual descriptions regarding the materials along with some.

Try to make sure that, you can unpack all the necessary stuff. Make sure you are going through the following instruction and get to know the whereabouts of it.

The first and foremost work is to layout out the right way and makes sure the wardrobe materials into a number of pieces. Make sure that, you can attach and bottom and side parts attached together. Again you can utilize the duct and place it at the center of the corner of it. Now tape on the lines at the side of the bottom drawers and then attach the duct tapes in order to place and assemble the inside and outside drawers.

Final Verdict:

Here we have shown you how a portable closet will make your room like a studio type mansion without having a mansion itself. Applying any of these tips may change your closet amazingly. The number of closets lists also shown above here. So you can turn the tables anywhere you want. Suppose, you can even play with your shoes by keeping them in a shoe closet.

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