Motorcycles are pretty awesome, aren’t they? Certainly, when it comes to their power to weight ratio, their ability to handle the tightest of corners and take you to places that you might not otherwise get the chance to visit. There are however, some downsides, which need to be understood and put into practice in order for you to stay as safe as possible because, however awesome they might be, they don’t have a lot in terms of protection;

Choosing the right bike and gear for you

First of all, it’s really important that you get the right bike for you, too much power could see you in trouble quickly, and not enough could see you not being able to get out of trouble quick enough. Some research and advice from somewhere likeWheels Motorcycles in Peterborough would certainly be a good idea before you go shopping, on a whim.

Secondly, the safety gear you buy is as important, if not more so than the bike you choose, just buying it isn’t enough though, actually wearing it is even more important! If you are careful then you should be absolutely fine, but facts are facts, and there are a lot of motorcycle accidents that could have been avoided.

Some sources say that the most common form of accident isn’t what you might first think of, most people will think, car, bikes, T-junction and… collisions due to negligence. In actual fact, according to the authors, high speed collisions between two bikes are more common as they both zip down the centre of the road to pass traffic moving towards each other from opposite directions.

The bike

Your choice of bike will really depend upon your age, what kind of licence you have, if any, and what you are going to be using the bike for. If you know more about tea tree oil than you do about motorcycles, then it would be a good shout to nip into a local dealer to talk through your options, at least that way, you can make an informed decision.

What’s important to you may not be as important to somebody else, for example, you might be more interested in the look of the bike, whereas somebody else might be more fascinated by the tech that enables the bike to perform as it does.

The safety gear

Of course, you are going to need safety gear, which again is largely down to your own personal choice, but you must get a decent helmet. Of course, hands, arms, feet and legs are all important but, if you happen to take a tumble with no helmet it could be the end of your bike adventures.

Again, you’ll want to seek some help and, or advice as well as considering things like the weather, the time of year and the overall conditions that you’ll be riding in. Then you can take a look at various options, which might mean two pairs of protective trousers, boots, gloves, or a couple of jackets for summer and winter use.

Who to buy from?

Because each company is different you will find different qualities and benefits of using one company to another, however there are some fundamentals that you’ll want to make sure of. For most people, they value customer service over the price of their goods. That’s not to say that they don’t want, or get a good deal, more that they are happy to pay a little more, if it means they leave with peace of mind.

Another thing to consider will be how you pay for the bike, if you’re a cash buyer then you might want to keep your cash and enquire about the various pay as you go options, if nothing else it could help to make your credit score even better. The thing to watch out for though are additional charges and the (APR) which is an amount of money added to the bill based on a percentage of the cost of your bike and any other goods that you’ll pay as part of your monthly payments.


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