Do you have a junk car which is collecting dust either in your garage or your driveway or your yard? Want to get rid of it and also make a good amount of money from it? Well, we are here to  help you by suggesting ways and means of how you can make the most money by selling your junk vehicle. However, when you plan on selling your transport, there are a thousand things, such as junk car pick up, potential buyer, and the price that keep you troubled.

We will make it easier as you will be overwhelmed by the factors that need consideration before and after making a decision to sell a junk car to bring home a good amount of money. We are here to provide you with better solutions so that it helps you make better decisions.

Factors that matter in fetching a fair price for your junk

You will be amazed to know that that piece of junk lying idle in your premises is still capable of bringing home a good amount of money. Then why not sell it? However, there are a few factors that play a crucial role while considering what and what not will fetch you a fair price.

● Condition of your car

You will be able to find genuine buyers in your town or city who are ready to pay you a handsome amount depending on the condition of your car. Whether your vehicle is just old, or has a mechanical issue or has been smashed beyond recognition during an accident, will matter while getting a price for it. Even if your vehicle is not in a great condition, there will still be junk buyers who are willing to purchase it directly from you in a decent amount.

● Type of vehicle

As the saying goes, “old is gold,” the same goes with cars. Muscle cars even if old bring home a better price than a sedan that is comparatively new. To be on the safer side, a prior research about what your car is worth now, or what did it cost while purchasing it, or the details about your junk would work wonders. The minute details belonging to your transport is worth thousands.

How to get the most money by selling your junk car?

After you have considered all the factors before selling your junk and did all the prior research, time has come to set the stage where you have to make the big decision. We know it is tough for you to decide because of the magnanimity of options available in the market, out of which you have to choose the genuine and best pick suitable for you. We will make it easier for you by listing the best options available to fetch you the most money by selling your idle car.

1. Know your car’s worth

In order to get a good amount of money by selling your junk, you first need to know the actual worth of your car. There is a high possibility that your vehicle may be worth more than you are expecting. Therefore, knowing the model, make, and year of manufacture of the car will help you determine a good price for your vehicle.

2. Check if all the car parts are still in it

A junk car fetches a handsome price only when its parts are intact. Therefore, before selling your vehicle you should always make sure that all the parts are in its place. Although a missing item would not stop buyers from cracking the deal on your transport but it will definitely not be successful in bringing good money.

3. Try getting more offers from buyers

It is always a good idea to have more and more options in hand so that you have more to choose from and thus cracking the best of the deals by selling your car. You will also be knowledgeable about what is the current trend in the market.

4. Thoroughly go through each offer

You should read every offer that you receive thoroughly so that you do not miss out on anything worth considering. This way there are more chances that you will be able to get a good amount of money for your vehicle.

5. Look for junkyards nearby

After taking the decision to sell your junk, you have to be prepared to spend days, sometimes even months, looking for the best buyer for your car. However, if you look for junkyards in your area, it will save you a lot of money as well as time. Also, if somehow you can find a common connection between you and the junkyard, chances of getting conned will be minimized.

6. Choose the best offer for you

After several browsing potential buyers, you will have shortlisted a few, from whom you think you might be able to make the most money for your junk car. There are also a few more things to consider before you make the final call. You have to consider what the buyers are offering you, such as

  • Will they make the payment on the spot and immediately, or
  • Will they come to your home to seal the deal, or
  • Will they pick up the car themselves

Considering all these choose the best pick for you. A good buyer will always inform you of everything beforehand for the smooth functioning of the deal.

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Selling the car that once you considered to be your luxury is as difficult as it seems. We understand there were many memories attached to that vehicle which now you call junk. We also comprehend looking at the sorry sight of the car collecting dust in one corner of your premises hurts you. So, we appreciate your decision of making the most of what is left of your car. We hope our suggestions will help you make your decision with ease. Please feel free to surf for better options which will help you make the most money by selling your junk car.


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