Jewelry pieces are expensive. Thus, you should make them durable. And the only way to guarantee their durability is proper care. You need to clean them properly. On these lines, this guide is going to sample basic diamond care tips.

Clean Them

Clean your diamond piece properly. You can use ammonia-based cleaning detergents. However, you must handle ammonium with care. Of course, these solutions tend to work well with tough-skinned metals as well as stones. But you should always use a damp, soft cloth with soap to clean your pieces if you are unsure of the stones. 

Lay Them Out

If your necklaces are chunky and heavy, consider laying them flat in the jewelry box. You can also lay them on stacking trays. Do not hang your necklaces. The weight will overburden the bonds and make the strings to break.

Contact a Professionals

Take your pieces of jewelry to a professional to have them checked. Among other things, a piece of professional jewelry will adjust the setting, tighten the gen loops, and examine the links. This should be done on a regular basis. However, if you wear them regularly, you will need to increase your trips to the professional jeweler. As a good rule, it’s better to take your jewelry to a professional every 3 years.


Be careful about how you store your treasures. If you can, purchase silk pouches. They are ideal when it comes to storing these items. They are explicitly designed to store them separate. You won’t worry about things like unnecessary scratches. So, if you possess those fragile and soft based materials such as turquoise, then invest in silk pouches.

Alternatively, you can invest in a plastic container featuring individual compartments. However, going for a velvet-lined based jewelry box can give your pieces that extra protection.

Keep Them Away From Wood Products

Don’t leave your pieces to come into contact with any chemically treated surface. Chemically treated surfaces—such as wood—can tarnish the jewelry. Remember, chemicals are not good for jewelry. They make them degrade. Plus, they can stain them—making your jewelry lose value.

Use Chalk to Store Your Pieces

If you want your pieces of jewelry to last longer, consider storing them with fine chalk. According to experts, chalk is a good absorber of moisture. So, get silica packs and dehumidifiers. They are excellent at dealing with excess moisture that can degrade the value of your pieces.

Store them Dry, No Skincare Based Products

Of course, you will want to look cute with your pieces of jewelry. Thus, you will be tempted to wear them before applying lotion, hairsprays, as well as perfumes. Experts advise you against this behavior. It can temper with the quality of your jewelry. Also, don’t swim while wearing your jewelry.

Never Leave Them on Direct Sunlight

Too much exposure to the sun will make the color of your gem dull.

The Bottom-Line

If you want it to last long, take good care of it. The above is expert advice on how to take care of your diamond pieces to make it last longer. For quality jewelry products, trust Nelson Coleman in Maryland. The store has some of the most exciting jewelry connections to quench your thirst.


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