How to manage and track contract signing remotely?



Nowadays, as technology is developing every day, the working system of people is also get developed with it. Now with the help of technology, some office work can be done by sitting in the home. Software’s like Parley Pro is one of them. By using it, people can collaborate with lots of contracts together. However, in this article, we are going to discuss how to manage and track contract signing remotely. We will describe Such as;

  • Secure Contract Repository
  • Intelligent Contract Workflow
  • CobbleStone Mobile App
  • Electronic Signature Software

  So, let’s get started.

Secure Contract Repository

Organizations handling contract administration systems involve consolidated contract selection to accept contracts remotely. Insight Contract offers safe cloud storage. Contract Insight’s record repository helps contract managers to store and arrange contracts, retain process access, quickly identify big expired deals, track the accreditation rates, and even more – while you operate remotely.

When a company preserves the contract records, the location of contracts is not defined. Instead, it offers storage firms the right to negotiate. Once businesses use a stable set of contracts through Cobblestone to concentrate on content versioning, increased transparency, and efficiency, they have a valuable weapon for overcoming tumultuous times.

Intelligent Contract Workflow

Organizations use contract statistics to automate workflows that minimize the number of breaks throughout the contract life cycle by giving the right individuals free contract reminders, automated alarms, and job notices. Contract management systems around and across the workplace may be changed through sophisticated, integrated workflows, including contract administration, audit records, user-defined areas, monitoring, and review software. Don’t have any idea what was said? Here’s a contract management glossary to keep you informed.

The contract strengthens a streamlined description of the process and accreditation tracking and lets businesses track any phase in the life cycle. With periodic updates, the organizations, like deal renewals, will achieve main deadlines and achievements. Furthermore, the history of dummy tests in the contract definition offers companies a comprehensive overview of contract adjustments. 

You can be confident that it does not impact your business process when you leave the office with an intelligent, automated workflow solution that supports an adaptive remote, individual workspace.

CobbleStone Mobile App

The smartphone app for iOS and Android smartphones provides legal contract administration platform solutions. Such a smartphone framework offers legal professionals with the necessary functionality to effectively handle records, monitor users on critical dates and levels, automate activities and changes in workflow, monitor notifications, scan, report, and document signatures: commitment recording and more.

These programs should be simple, welcoming, and provide specific operating framework functionality and specifications while retaining a standard GUI. These applications can easily be used by advanced people of contractual agreement management software and new users. 

iPhone applications supply you with sales, achievements, projects, finances, updates, and even more – which you can reach them everywhere. Contract Management Tools.

Electronic Signature Software

The advanced contract administration platform helps the Legal Organization to have flexible, secure, and easy-to-use solutions to co-operate with card records, electronic verification, authorization, and signing equipment and facilitate a remote operating climate. Professionals in the area of contract administration promote cooperation and the method of online signing using computer technologies. 

  • Registration is quick. Registration is easy. 
  • Simple signatures one-time. 
  • Electronic signature processes are dependent on legislation. 
  • And further! 

Enjoy a functional heart with or without sophisticated electronic signature tools, the personalized signature, and the shared paper process.


As businesses migrate away from home culture and are forced to retain high profitability, a strategy must be placed in a place that will enable them to conduct contract and workflow legal processes properly. CobbleStone Software is this answer. 

CobbleStone’s Contract Analysis provides many user-friendly tools. Helps companies to handle contracts, secure and organize deals, and records more effectively. Control enforcement, track expenses, collect notifications and reminders, quickly sign with electronic signatures, and minimize reduced efficiency and elevated costs related to obsolete contracts like Parley Pro administration methods.


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