Probation is important for both the new employees and the company hiring them. This period gives both parties a chance to determine if they can work with each other.

For most employees, the probation may bring tension and panic for what will happen later, especially if they feel they are not performing as required. This is why most employees never make it past the probation period. But, it is important to ensure to do your best during this time. There are various strategies that can help employees overcome the difficulties faced during the probation period.

How to survive the probation period

1. The first impression really matters

Ensure you always look enthusiastic by smiling and showing a positive body language. You have to be dressed smartly also. This will show that you are taking care of yourself and that you are taking your job seriously.

Ensuring to arrive at work on time is also a good sign. It will show that you are disciplined and serious. Also, leaving work a bit late will prove that you love your job and you are willing to go the extra mile to get things done.

Never come late to work or fail to show up completely unless you have a genuine reason which you must have told your manager about. Coming late or missing work especially during the first days will portray a negative image about you. Your employer will even feel like you will not benefit the company in any way.

2. Do your best

Many at times when beginning a new job, the work is never that much. The main things which take place include induction, training, and introduction. It will take some while to get used to the working environment.

So, that is the best time to be proactive and be willing to do any tasks even those that you have not been assigned. In fact, you should even offer to do tasks that are not related to your role.

3. Take care of yourself

The probation period is the most stressful part of employment. There is so much to learn and there are so many people who you have to impress. So, you must watch over yourself well because if you become overwhelmed, you will not be able to work well. Below is how you can take care of yourself:

a)     Be resilient: Do not allow the little mistakes you make affect you in any way. The probation period is a time to learn, you are not expected to be perfect. Accept any criticism humbly and ensure you learn from your mistakes.

b)     Understand personal-care tips: Ensure you take breaks after working for some hours, eat properly, take water and get sufficient rest. This can keep one energized and the mind will always be able to focus well at work.

c)     Balance your work-life: Most employees during probation feel the urge to put all their energy into their job in order to impress their employer. This can make one burnout and he or she will not be able to work well.

You have to rest and you should also create time for exercising or engaging in other activities which are not related to work. Besides all that, you must also create time for contemplating.

d)    Manage stress: There are various ways of managing stress. If you become overwhelmed, try calming yourself down. You may do that by meditating or taking a deep breath.

e)     Always have a positive attitude: The Company that you are working for has invested funds and time in you. That company believes in you and that is why you were given an opportunity which can make you get what you desire in your field. So, be confident that it is your ability which made you get a chance to work in that company. Also, you have been given a chance to prove that you are qualified to stay in that company; do not disappoint the job-giver.

4. Check your progress

Before you start a trial session, you must read and understand the job requirements. Jobs especially those advertised at sites like and others, always specify the requirements.

You must also read and understand the company’s probation policy. This is rarely contained in a job advert. Mostly, employees get to see the company policy after being given a chance to work.

After understanding what is required of you, set your own goals. This will make you pay attention to what you must achieve in order to pass the probation stage.

Also, you must always be proactive. Do not wait for your supervisor to tell you how you are doing. Seek the feedback yourself not only from your supervisor but from your workmates too.

It is good to also have a journal where you will write your progress, the difficulties and your accomplishments. Having a journal will help you monitor your progress and you will have also created some evidence which you will show your manager on your probation review.


Those are some of the ways of overcoming the difficulties encountered during the probation period. With this, rest assured you will be successful in your career.

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