The step that follows after investing in a phone is selecting its case. Though many consider it as just an accessory, it has become quite a necessity in time. Each phone has its own unique array of mobile cases which makes it quite hard for one to pick which is the best fit for them.

With that being said, let us take a quick look at some ways one can pick a mobile case for their phone.

#1: Level of impact it can handle

No matter how careful we are with our gadgets, there is a high chance of us dropping our phones, may it be on solid ground while we rush for work or just accidentally dropping it off the bed while hurriedly looking for something.

When the phone falls, it is the glass screen that is affected first. To prevent this, individuals invest in phone covers that are made up of shock-absorbent material such as rubber or silicon. This material helps cover as well as protect the vulnerable corners of the device, preventing it from requiring that part, or the entire phone from being replaced.

#2: Water and dustproof 

The needs that everyone has when looking for a cover vary. While some look into the protection factor, others look into it as a way of garnishing the device. 

One common feature that many prefer their mobile case to have is them being waterproof. There are quite a few phone cases that are waterproof such that when water is spilled over it accidentally, it manages to survive the scenario.

Dust is also another issue that is faced by many. The dust enters the slots causing it hard to insert any accessories for instance a headset into the headset jack. For this reason, having a case that is dustproof helps a lot.

#3: Pocket feature

Another mobile case feature that many look into is the pocket feature which helps store important cards in it. This acts as a suitable replacement for a wallet which is why it is also known as a wallet phone case.

Being able to have the RFID blocking function makes it all the more attractive to consumers. Folio and flip case come with this feature along with various other pros and cons.

#4: Chargeable feature

A phone case that has gained a considerable amount of attention of late is the battery pack cover. Just as its name suggests, this case helps charge smartphones on the go. 

This is extremely beneficial for people who are constantly on the move and who have phones that are always low on battery. Of course, protecting the phone comes naturally as a function of the case.

#5: Comes with a Screen Protector 

Not all mobile cases come with a screen protector, but it is highly recommended to get one due to its benefits. Using these increases the longevity of the screen of the mobile, preventing it from cracking when dropped accidentally. 

Tempered glass screen protectors are quite famous as they are known to prevent scratch marks, especially when compared to their plastic versions. 

In addition to this, it has also been widely recommended for one to invest in a screen protector that comes with a 9H hardness rating as it comes with the perfect thickness without compromising on the clarity that the screen provides. 

Design of the phone case

#6: Design of the phone case

This is one major factor many look into while purchasing it. A back case is the most commonly purchased phone case that is used by all age groups. They are also known to come in a variety of colors and prints, giving the individual an ample amount of choice.

Phone skins are one of the fanciest mobile cases out there that do not fail to impress in terms of looks while ensuring the device is not faced with scratches or smudges of any sort. The skins allow the individual to try out new textures, graphics, and colors, giving them the flexibility of choice. 

#7: Material used

Phone cases are made of a variety of materials and people’s preferences over them vary depending on their own needs. 

Rubber and silicon-based mobile cases are not only flexible and soft but are quite budget-friendly too. They are also known to provide a good grip to its user, thus preventing it from slipping from their hands easily. 

Leather is commonly used in flip cases. This material lasts longer than plastic and is also known to provide great grip to its owners. One of the best leather cases can be found at GritLeather who prioritizes quality immensely. Some other materials used are PolyCarbonate and TPU, which are known for their protection against dents and scratches, and aluminum which is known for its strength.


Picking a mobile case can be quite hard if one does not know what they are looking for. For this very reason, it is best for one to keep all their options open as well as have knowledge of the various features before picking a case.

Hope the above-mentioned tips help you out the next time you go mobile case hunting.


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