How to Play Guide For Apex Legends

Apex Legends has become a very popular game among gaming enthusiasts. To become a pro and win in these games, you have to remain attentive, utilize your wittiness, and be consistent with the game. But to be victorious, it is also important to stay prepared, and a few essential tips will help you do so. For more help, you can opt to take a look at apex cheat. 

For now, check out some significant tips and tactics to assist you in your journey in the Apex Games and control the arena.

Select the Legend that suits your style

In this game, all contestants have equal but different skill sets. Thus, they are perfectly balanced in terms of power, pace, and firepower. It’s their expertise that makes them different, so you might want to select the Legend that suits your selected style and complements your team. Hence, you need to find the roles you want to play and try various Legends to know which is best for you.

Stay near your team

Team play is essential to win Apex Legends. It is best when you can go into the arena with two squadmates at your side. The best way to keep each other safe is by playing together and defeating your enemies by combining your skills.

Utilize smart comms to stay in touch with the squad members 

Both you and your squad members can exchange significant information with the help of an in-game mode that enables you to ping valuable things and locations on the screens.

You can pinpoint the location of gear pieces, focus on threats, and inform your squad members the direction you’re going before even placing a microphone. By utilizing these to your benefit, you can ensure that your squad members get a glimpse of what you notice.  

Know about the Arena

The map where all the matches happen, known as King Canyon, is a dangerous ground with an abundance of discarded military bases and encroaching species. There are various kinds of territory here, from big open patches to mud scattered with deserted buildings to a desert with many abandoned outposts. Knowing how to make the moves, the hotspots of action and the place that is the best to find loot are all essential information needed in this game.

Be cautious while you approach the good things

Several segments of the map issue different ranges of loot. If your weapon’s tier is higher, your loot will be stronger, and it will also increase your possibility of staying in the match till the end. There are a few places on the map that are most abundant in high-tier loot, which means that every player will want to come to these places first.

Revive your squadmates

A strong team can get teammates back from death, which cannot be achieved by any legend alone. Once your health gets worse, you will be in a state where you will be alive but require medical attention. If your death occurs before your squad members can help, they still hold one last chance to save your life.

Utilize hot zones, jump towers, and various traits to your benefit

You will come across an abundance of semi-permanent map things in the Kings Canyon that you can utilize to get advantage over your competitors. Jump Towers let you fly in the air and come back to the ground, allowing your whole team to pass the map promptly. Hot Zones enable you to get higher-tier loot on a casual part of the map if you can reach there first. 

Don’t Allow Anything to Go to Trash

You will have no clear idea of the things you will get in the arena, so don’t be choosy with the caches you come across. Weapon attachments, body armor, and backpack upgrades that help you to pack more things, and other important things are all covered across the arena for you to get hold of. An inventory system will keep informing you whether the gear is more valuable than what you have with you. In this way, you are saved from low-tier loot. 


Following these tips will surely help you gain expertise in this game and become a pro player. For more details, stay connected. If you have any doubts, comment below. 


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