How to Practice Microsoft certification Exams


Microsoft certification exams are a way to provide you something very relevant and let you own and display cutting-edge skills. These exams are conducted to certify you for various technical job roles. Each of these Microsoft certifications is based on passing a series of different exams.

Microsoft certifications like power bi certification are helping you to ensure a long IT career which rewards you a lot. Undoubtedly, Microsoft certification exams are a jump start for a person’s career. 

There are no particular prerequisites for the Microsoft certification exams. However, having a foundational level of knowledge of cloud services is great as it would prove helpful.

How to Practice for the Microsoft Certification exams

No matter how intelligent or sharp you are, practice matters when you are going to appear in certain professional exams. Better if you set up and come up with a system that you are taking a certification exam on. Similarly, it is also necessary to develop some test-taking skills and have at least a little understanding of what can be expected when taking an exam. 

 There are usually two types or forms of practice. 

  1. Technology Practice 
  2. Exam Practice

Here we will discuss the way to practice each of the two forms. 

Technology Practice: It is now getting more difficult to pass a certification exam if you lack actual hands-on experience with technical equipment. Of course, it will devalue the certification if they certify the individuals who have just studied to sit in the exam but never touched the products. But still, it increases the difficulty for the people who are unable to access sandbox datacenters manages with multiple servers to establish lab environments.

However, many solutions are also available. The first one is to take a course with Global Knowledge aligning to your exams. Also, the MOC labs sometimes cover the processes expected on the exam. Well, it is not easy to understand a question about a complex process correctly until and unless you have completed the process. 

  1. Exam Practice

Having complete knowledge to take a Microsoft exam is essential to pass this exam. Sometimes, it happens that people come with confidence that they are having good know-how of technology but end up getting failed in the exam because they were not knowing how to take a Microsoft exam. Many well-recognized companies are there providing authorized practice exams for Microsoft. These include CyberVista and MeasureUp. Though many unauthorized sources for exam practice also do exist they are never recommended. One must check the exam description page from Microsoft for more sanctioned providers. 


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