It would be fair to say that over the last few years an increasing number of us have got used to technology in the workplace.

Unfortunately, another spanner in the works has arrived, and this revolves around cyber security. It’s something that didn’t even exist several years ago, but now it’s a big money industry – and one that is catching the attention of plenty of investors, such as cyber security expert Andre Pienaar.

One of the reasons investors have turned their heads in this direction is because of increased media scrutiny. After all, some big companies have been subjected to some horrific cyber-attacks – and this has knocked their share prices significantly.

To ensure that your company doesn’t fall into the above category, we have penned today’s guide. Let’s now look at some of the ways you can keep on top of your cyber security at work.

It’s all about inductions

You’re probably already in a position where your company offers inductions – it’s something that has become par for the course in the modern-day working world. However, a lot of the time these inductions are just to the general company culture. You might sit down with different departments, and learn about their work, but in terms of IT protocols it doesn’t tend to stretch this far.

Well, this is where you need to buck the trend. One of the biggest reasons cyber attacks occur is because of internal mistakes. It might be opening a wrong email or even connecting to the wrong Wi-Fi network. Regardless, these are the small housekeeping factors that need to be taken care of if you are serious about protecting your organization from cyber crime.

Forget about BYOD

Next, it’s time to talk about Bring Your Own Device policies. Once regarded as an immense cost saver, this is now outdated to say the least.

The problem with BYOD is that you don’t have any control over the security mechanisms that are in place. Ultimately, it means that an employee can be working without even having an antivirus system installed – and this is just asking for trouble.

It’s sometimes about the physical threats

Finally, when we talk about physical threats, this doesn’t have to involve a form of aggressive behaviour. As it turns out, a lot of physical threats occur without the victim even noticing.

Nowadays, working on the move is common. Unfortunately, this prompts a major security hole. Simply working on the train can expose your screen to countless random people, and it just takes one of them to spot something which they really shouldn’t be seeing.

Of course, you can’t work under a blanket for the entire journey. What you can do is pick and choose the types of jobs you are carrying out though; making sure you avoid those ones which deal with sensitive data. This sensitive data might apply to financial information or passwords; just make sure you’re in a position where nobody can peer over your screen and see such information.


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