Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a punishable offense and courts take it very seriously because these offenses can be dangerous to others. So the punishment for the crime is also very high. For a DWI case, your driving license may be suspended for some period or you need to pay a large amount of money as fine, you may put behind bars if it is a repeated case.

In such a case, how can you protect your rights? First, you need to know a few basic things about a DWI case. Second, a lawyer who deals with driving under influence (DUI) or DWI cases can help you. Even though the lawyer may not dismiss your case but he or she can help you to protect your rights or reduce your punishment.

Things You Need to Know During a DWI Case

According to Kansas City DWI Lawyers, more than 20 percent of the motorists don’t know the basic things how to respond while accused of a DWI case.  As a consequence, they get severe penalties and even suspension of their driving license. Here are the important terms that you will encounter while defending yourself to protect your rights.

  • Implied Consent: Well, the first thing you need to know is the implied consent law. According to this law, your driving license may get suspended if you refuse to take a BAC test and found guilty. So to protect your rights to drive, you need to submit the BAC test under your own consent.
  • BAC or Blood to Alcohol Concentration Test: This test determines the alcohol concentration in your bloodstream while you are suspected. When you are stopped by police and asked to submit a BAC test means the police suspect you for driving under the influence. In such a case, if you don’t agree to submit the test then your license is liable to suspend.
  • Drug Experts: These are the officers who will determine the percentage of impairment due to drugs under a DWI case.
  • DWI Checkpoints: There are several checkpoints where the road is blocked by police to check for drug impairment of random motorists. These checkings are majorly done during special events like New Year.

Do you need a DWI lawyer?

DUI cases are coming under criminal courts and the sentences in criminal courts are very rigorous and take seriously as compared to civil courts. So if you are accused of a DWI case, it is better to consult a DWI lawyer to deal with your case.

A skilled lawyer will be able to help you with the best possible legal outcomes. So when you are charged with a DWI case, then find a legal advisor in your locality who can help you to protect your rights as well as reduce your penalties or provide a better solution.

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How to hire a DWI lawyer?

But if you are never been accused of driving under influence, or never been through such a case, then it might be challenging for you to choose the right defense lawyer. Further, if you don’t know what are the things that you should look in a defense lawyer who deals with the DWI cases even makes your task more complicated. So here is a list of things that you should look into a defense lawyer who deals with DWI cases.

  • Certifications of DWI or DUI
  • Experience in handling driving under influence cases
  • Command over the DWI cases

You need to look into the above things and how confident the lawyer is to handle your case. Be very open and ask everything openly while you choose a lawyer. Once you hire a lawyer to defend your case be comfortable with your legal advisor. While you hire a defense lawyer never hesitate to ask for the credentials of the lawyer to check for authenticity. Because it is a matter of your rights and your future, so be very confident and ask about a few important things.

  • Ask about the number of DWI cases he or she handled before this.
  • Ask about how many jury trials he or she had related to DWI cases.
  • Did he or she certified by the Texas Board?

Remember, the lawyer must be able to answer all your questions regarding the case. If you find any hesitation then simply don’t hire.

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