Yes, knock-offs are cheap but they are also low-quality replicas that won’t last long. The internet is filled with people boasting about how they have sidelined expensive and authentic products with cheap imitations that look as good as the original. But, does it feel good too?

Authentic products deliver what they promise. For example, high-quality fashion products offer style along with comfort and clever design; top-of-the-line gadgets offer latest tech with safety. Similarly, authentic sportswear offers functionality, improves performance, and provides required safety and comfort to the wearer.

A lot of research and the finest raw materials go into making authentic products, especially, sports apparels which are designed for specific sporting needs. Besides, today online shopping has brought in a great degree of ease and comfort in buying original products from trusted portals.

The truth behind fake merchandise

Let us give you some compelling reasons for saying goodbye to cheap knock-offs:

  • Did you know that cheap adventure sportswear are often lined with unhygienic, infection-prone fillers like, feather mulch and even dog fur?
  • Counterfeit sports apparel may cause bodily harm as they do not provide the safety that the original is designed for
  • Cheap knock-offs are harming your local economy by robbing authentic manufacturers of their designs and hard work
  • Fake manufacturing units are inhumane sweat shops often using child labour and have no regard for human rights
  • Online portals selling cheap knock-offs often commit credit card fraud using your transaction details

Be a responsible consumer

Getting a good bargain seems like a harmless act for the consumer, but the reality is quite dark. Apart from the conditions that go into the making of these, the harm to the original brand value and domestic economy, the fake industry could be financing organised crime associations. Yes, that is your money contributing towards compromising security and safety.

Affordable should not be the only key word when you are looking for products. As a consumer don’t just hound bargains, rather aspire for quality products that will serve your purpose. If your sports apparel ends up compromising your performance, it was a loss-making proposition through and through.

Trusted shopping sites online, like InSport, lets you browse the best in the sports apparel industry. Once here, you will see that authentic brands and attractive sale offers is the way to go when you decide to purchase sports apparel online.

Besides buying your sportswear from reputed and reliable online sources, also remember to check for details like the brand logo, tag inside the product, and packaging. Misspellings and differences in design should ring an alarm bell.


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