Nothing can scare us than the thought of growing out of our favorite pair of jeans or buying a large or extra-large shirt. In contrast, you wish to fit into the sizes smaller than L and XL easily. The horror begins when we step onto the weighing scale and find out our weight increased than our desired weight. Many of us will think about what has changed and try to get back to our desired body weight. Be it a working person or a stay-at-home; both have physical activity as part of their daily habits. Men and women these days are more concerned about health and well-being and keeping their weight in check.  

With a pandemic on our hands, the world made some necessary changes that involved everyone staying at home and the businesses to remain shut. Many people had fixed some hours of their time at gyms to keep their body and weight balanced. With gyms closed, it was a mystery to stay fit while staying at home. The whole world now had the comfort they always wished for in their busy days. While isolating, we tend to indulge in a lot of junk eating or binge eating, which compiles the extra layers of fat and increases weight.

Closed gyms do not mean that you shall quit your healthy habits or should not work out somewhere other than the gym. There are multiple ways to maintain your weight while exercising at home. If you are looking for ways to stay healthy and maintain your weight, here is what you can do.

1. Opt for a combination workout

Exercise is one of the preferred ways to keep your body and muscles toned. We all admire the celebrities we see and how they manage to pull off any look. When working out at a gym, we see multiple pieces of equipment and machinery for a specific workout. If you are setting up your workout space at home, try to find equipment that can provide you a combination of exercise movements. Look for the best vertical climber machine that can not only offer you resistance but a full-body cardio workout.

2. Watch what you eat

If you plan to maintain your figure and fit into your favorite dress, then watch out what you have got on your plate. If you are thinking that starving yourself will help, then think again. We all have our guilty pleasure food ranging from chocolates to pizza. We often binge these items when we are under stress. Try to add a portion of every food nutrient like carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, and fat. Do not fixate yourself on eating one nutrient at a time but try to consume a perfect mix. The adequate amount of these nutrients will help in boosting your metabolism and burn the extra calories.

3. Stay hydrated

Water is the best source of detoxification. When we exercise, we face a deficit of oxygen in our muscles that can develop lactic acid due to anaerobic respiration. Drinking water not only regulates the removal of toxins but also prevents the formation of such compounds. It is vital to keep yourself hydrated during and after a workout. Drinking water also acts as a diuretic for our body and helps in retaining the weight.

4. Have a meal schedule

When we decide to lose weight, our diet plays a crucial role in maintaining that weight. Many studies say that having small portions of frequent meals enhances the metabolism and helps in the quick digestion of food. As much as we have got time on our hands to cook and enjoy yummy food with our family, try to regulate the consumption of food and avoid overindulgence. If you are eating in portions, try to stick to that schedule or eating pattern. Try to eat a lot of greens and avoid junk food.

5. Avoid stress

Quarantine or lockdown is not usual for any of us, and we all had issues to adapt to this new norm. The fear of pandemic has left a lot of strain on our mental health. People were living in fear of coming across the virus or falling sick. When we are undergoing stress, our body responds to it weirdly or indulges in ways that can make us feel better. One of the typical stress response is overeating, and that leads to being overweight. Our goal is to lose weight instead of gaining it. Meditation and yoga can help in reducing stress and leaving a positive impact on our mental well-being. Putting a halt on the news and social media will reduce stress, and having a night of proper sleep is another stress buster as it relaxes our mind.

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We mostly relied on our gym instructors to guide us through our workouts and diet. While we are stuck at home, training ourselves to exercise might need a kick start. Here is the best workout tips for daily exercise that you can do at home easily. Also you can watch many free video tutorials on the internet, find the workout routines that cover your body’s aspects with minimal or no equipment. Research the foods that can assist your weight loss journey. Take a walk in your neighborhood, or fix a time for cycling when there are fewer people around.


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