Graffiti is the means of expression that looks amazing on streets, restaurants, and clubs. But when you choose to do graffiti work on your office or home walls, it may look nice to you for some time. There have been many cases when people wish to undo the graffiti work they did in haste.

Spray paint graffiti may look permanent on the brick walls but you can remove it with solvents if needed. Solvents work and dissolve the pain off the brick walls. But before you use any solvent, it is recommended that you go through the manufacturer directions carefully. Cold Jet Dry Ice Sydney, experts in dry ice blasting, tell us that dry ice blasting can also be used to remove graffiti but unlike solvents it is environmentally friendly and safer to use.

As you engage in graffiti removal, you should know the fact that it is a difficult and time consuming task as opposed to graffiti application. This is mainly true in the case of unpainted, rough brick wall or other surfaces. The painted surfaces are best repainted, though it is advised to have a graffiti removal solvent for fast response. This is further true because a recently done graffiti is easier to remove than an old one.

So, here we discuss the top tips and steps on how to remove graffiti from brickwork.

Clean- Gather necessary materials before you start. For this, you will need sheets, plastic tarps as well as masking tape. Cover the surface where you do not want to do the cleaning. Safety is very much important so it is good to make sure that you have safety goggles and rubber gloves. Some equipment like scrapers and brushes will also be useful.

Type of graffiti- Knowing how to best remove the graffiti also depends on the type. The chalk based graffiti is removed with pressure washers. On the other hand, spray paint will need some abrasive like baking soda based product, acetone or paint thinner. The removal depends completely on the surface where the spray paint is on.

Warm is better- Heat enables acceleration of speed at which graffiti remover can actually soften the paint. Graffiti cleaning is more effective when the temperature is warmer. Summers allow more rapid removal. Even warm water can help increase effectiveness of graffiti cleaning. If possible, try to connect pressure washer to the warm water source. The high grade professional pressure washers have heat elements. Also, the residential pressure washers perform better when the hot water is sourced, from hot water heater or slop sink faucet. When attempting graffiti cleaning from brickwork during winters, hot water is important to achieve satisfactory results.

For smaller graffiti, abrasion or scrubbing with a tight nylon bristle or brass bristle brush can be very useful. As for the thick paint, or where there are multiple layers of paint, scrubbing helps in removing the top layer of the pain, allowing the next one to be exposed to graffiti remover. This method is mainly effective when applied to paint.

If you think these tips will help you in graffiti removal, do give them a try. But if you discover that it is a task you cannot do by yourself, you can hire a graffiti removal service provider. Hiring an expert to clean or remove the graffiti can save you money and time both in the long run. Graffiti removal process may be tiresome and you may not have the much needed time and efforts to invest in the procedure. So it is better that you hire a graffiti removal specialist for tough and difficult to remove paintwork.

Graffiti cleaning is not always the simple spray it on, wipe it off task and that too when it is on brick work or other rough surface or where the paint is on for a very long time. You can expect to get examples and tips online from people who have been successful in removing or at least making the graffiti a little faded in colour.The mantra is not to give up so soon and keep trying. Sometimes, it has been seen that several applications of solvents allow the hard paint to come off easily. So we hope these tips may help you to remove graffiti from brickwork. Let us know your experiences and share your secrets in comments below.

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