Fishing new customers is always very exciting. However, a good number of business owners make the mistake of overlooking and putting more attention and effort into looking for new customers, instead of retaining the customers they already have. It is approximately 7 times less costly to retain an already existing customer than to gain a new one.

Retaining your customers is not only cost-effective but also a perfect exercise in branding to cheer up your customers so that they become your brand ambassadors. This will only come up when your products and services are of high quality, they will refer others to your products and services for free!  In this article, you will learn more about how to make your customers satisfied and retain them.

Make The Most Of Social Media. 

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Social networks are so helpful in the process of maintaining customer contact after making their initial sale. Social media offers one of the greatest platforms to engage your customers and build on trust by showcasing the personal side of your business. Take advantage of it to showcase your products and services and make your brand known.

Go through and take notes on opinions from your customers, their interests, and motivations. Pick out and award your most loyal and dedicated customers. Make efforts to change any negative thoughts other customers may have by offering great customer service. The majority of the customers have most of their attention on social media platforms to inquire about different products and services, give their complaints, and resolve product issues. 

Offer Proper Packaging Services

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Packaging is a very important aspect of most businesses. Make an effort to have your products well packaged the right way in order for them to be appealing to your customers. You can have a business partnership with well-known and accredited manufactures of packaging materials. Alternatively, you can also start manufacturing your own packaging materials and share ideas with other co-packing companies on ways to improve productivity and quality. The best packaging services will always help you retain more customers.

Offer After-Sale Services

These services are also important to both the business and the customer. They include, offer warranty to products, free transportation of products purchased, and also free installation services. The company can as well provide free education on how to use the products. All these fall under the same umbrella in after-sale services.

Some products need expertise during installation. The company should offer such services. For example, air-conditioning devices, Ranges, air purifiers, and many more need high professional experts to do all the installation. Education also is done on how to operate such devices and how to maintain them all that should be done by the company to help you retain your customers.

Appreciate Your Customers

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Customers are so important to enhance growth in your business. It is through the customers that keep our businesses going and every business owner dreams of getting more customers daily. For that matter, it is also important to retain the already existing customers in your business. 

Always appreciate your customers with gifts. You can decide to give free sanitizers or facemasks and remember to use polite language to make them come back for your products and services. It is through quality customer services that will boost your relationship with your customers hence high retention.

Give Offers On Your Products

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This is another way to help retain your customers and gain more new customers in the process. Any customer would love a cut-off price any day and this is the best trick to fish them. Give offers or discounts to your products and wait for the magic! All your customers will come back to enjoy the offer and retaining them will be easy now that they are back.

Take Note Of Customers Suggestions

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It is always advised to take customers’ suggestions seriously. It is from these comments that we get to know about customers’ reactions to the products and services offered. It is easy to learn from these comments and rectify where possible. These comments can be negative and others will be meant to praise the services of the business. All should be taken into account and adjusted where possible to improve your productivity. By doing that, your customers will keep on coming back.


It takes a lot to earn the loyalty of any customer. And the moment you bring in a new customer into your company’s ecosystem, you will never want to lose them. Customers are easily convinced with eye-catching adverts from different types of business and without proper customer retention strategy then you will lose most of your customers. 

The moment you convince a customer to buy your product, then already you are done with the hard part. All you need to do is to find a way to retain them and that is the reason we have combined all strategies you need to note about customer retention.


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