How to Run a Successful AdWords Campaign Management

As more companies join the digital economy, the level of competition has grown larger as many companies fight for the top spot in viewership and brand identity. With the high number of products, services and brands available, companies have to consistently create content that appeals to the public, to retain their client base and also attract new ones. Market demographics change over time and companies have to be aware of these changes and align their products and operations to the market. To do this, companies have to use a number of digital tools just to keep pace with the industry. One of the most important digital tools to use in advertising and marketing is google AdWords management service.

Factors to Consider when Contracting an AdWords Management Company

Settling on a competent AdWords management company or an AdWords consultant is not as easy as it looks. First and foremost, most AdWords consultants use the same wordings when advertising their services. It’s difficult to tell from a web profile, how professional or competent a google AdWords consultant is. You need to conduct face to face interviews and check for the right qualities that you would expect from an expert in their field.

Basically, you need to understand what AdWords management services entails. This means that you must be aware of what to look out for in the course of the AdWords campaign management. Its also important to consult with other managers who have gone through the process of hiring AdWords management companies since this will give you further insights on what to look for that most resource journals will not cover.

Setting out Your KPIs

KPIs are important when hiring AdWords consultants. For starters, they outline the key roles and deliverables that both parties are expected to perform within the course of the AdWords campaign. As a manager you will need to provide certain information that will be key in creating your ad profile. Most managers will overlook this process and get disappointed when the AdWords consultant misreads their needs and expectations.

Another primary importance of KPIs is that they protect you as the manager from poor results. AdWords consultants get paid once they achieve certain markers and you can easily track the progress of your AdWords campaign based on whether the AdWords management company has achieved these markers. This is especially important since the company would have agreed to all areas of their KPIs and factored them in your budget. Therefore, you won’t end up paying for services that you consider mediocre.

How to Manage Generated Content

Though it may look obvious that all material created during the AdWords campaign will belong to the company, sometimes it’s not so clear. In some instances the AdWords consultant may come in with their content and material and build up from there. Once these materials gain value, their ownership may prove contentious, especially if the company had overlooked them in the past. Therefore, it’s important to clearly state ownership of each type of generated content so that there is no risk of theft or leakage of privileged material.


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