How to secure scenic spot with security turnstile gate

With the improvement of economic level, people’s consumption ability is gradually enhanced, the tourism market is expanding, and the tourist flow of scenic spots is also increasing. The Tourism city, Eiffel Tower, Venice,Italy, Cairo, Eygpt, Maldives and other famous scenic spots are full of people. How to receive so many tourists, ensure the smooth passage of scenic spots, and improve the tourists’ experience are the problems faced by scenic spots.

A feasible way is to use intelligent pedestrian security turnstile gate to save the cost of ticket checking window construction, ticket checking personnel, paper tickets and printing costs. Tourists can enter the scenic area with QR code to improve the speed of ticket checking. At present, intelligent pedestrian security turnstile gate in scenic area is the main choice to solve related problems, and many scenic areas have rows of silver turnstile gates. What is the function of intelligent pedestrian security turnstile gate? Does it only have the function of checking in? How to realize the function of intelligent pedestrian security turnstile gate?

Due to the disadvantages of traditional manual ticket checking, inconvenient data statistics, waste of manpower and other problems, in order to meet the management needs of tourist attractions, the tripod turnstile gate from Mairsturnstile with scanning code gate ticket checking system is adopted. At present, the way of ticket checking is to scan QR code information to facilitate ticket checking and tourists’ management, ticket data statistics and save manpower.

Due to the large flow of people at the entrance and exit of the scenic area and the high accuracy of data. So for this kind of situation, Mairsturnstine gives targeted solutions. Mairsturnstile scenic spot gate system adopts industrial grade super long service life, high durability, low maintenance cost, one person and one pole to effectively prevent tailing; in case of emergency, you can choose to drop the arm and open the exit; Mairsturnstile scenic spot turnstile gate system is a simple integration of all common access control systems; it covers a small area, only needs one box for each channel; it is more stable and safe UX control system, supporting secondary development.

Mairsturnstile scenic spot turnstile gate system can help improve the management efficiency of scenic spots, and provide people with a more secure, efficient and intelligent experience.

The function of intelligent security turnstile gate is based on ticket checking.

  1. Unattended scanning code into the park

The core function of the intelligent gate in the scenic area is ticket checking. Different from manual ticket checking, the intelligent security turnstile gate no longer needs paper tickets. Tourists can enter the scenic area by scanning the QR code. The turnstile gate replaces the check-in personnel, so there is no need to build a check-in window and arrange check-in personnel in the scenic area, which can save up to 90% of the check-in cost.

2. Automatic verification of authenticity, to prevent fake tickets, no ticket phenomenon

The security turnstile gate is equipped with an electronic identification system, and the ticket two-dimensional code has the function of anti-counterfeiting, so it is difficult to make fake tickets. The scenic spot security turnstile gate system can check the ticket in one second and check the authenticity, and has the automatic reset function, which can effectively avoid the mixing of false tickets, prevent the mixing of family tickets and other people without tickets, and reduce the financial loss of the scenic spot.

3. Support multi type ticket checking

There are few tourists traveling alone, but there are more group tickets, package tickets and parent-child tickets. The complexity of ticket types increases the work pressure of ticket inspectors, who need to check the number of tickets, ticket information and ticket types, resulting in low efficiency, easy to make mistakes and poor tourist experience. The intelligent pedestrian security turnstile gate can automatically identify the type of tickets, such as group tickets for five people, and then open the gate five times in a row.

4. Statistics of visitors to the park to guide tourists to disperse

At the same time of ticket checking, the turnstile gate will upload the admission information of tourists, such as ticket type, tourist information, admission time, etc. According to the situation of people entering, it can analyze the trend of tourists in the park and ensure the reception capacity and tourist experience of the scenic spot. The real-time monitoring of passenger flow can also prevent tourists from gathering at one scenic spot at the same time, causing tourist congestion.

It can be seen that the intelligent security turnstile gate has launched many functions around ticket checking, but whether it is ticket checking, verification or passenger flow statistics, it can not be realized by the gate hardware alone. The implementation of hardware functions also depends on the help of software, and the intelligent gate is used with the scenic spot ticketing system to better serve the scenic spot.

The most obvious function of the intelligent pedestrian security turnstile gate is to scan the code for ticket checking. How to obtain the ticket QR code? It is the ticket voucher automatically generated after tourists purchase tickets online, that is, the implementation of online ticketing in ticketing system. In order to check various types of tickets, the ticketing system needs to be able to sell various types of tickets, and the intelligent gate can realize this function. Data statistics and passenger flow analysis are promoted by the cloud computing center of ticketing system.

Therefore, the function of the intelligent security turnstile door is not limited to ticket checking, which can solve many problems for the scenic area. However, the implementation of all functions of the gate must rely on the software, namely the scenic spot ticketing system, in order to promote the realization of all functions.


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