Poshmark is an online application that makes it easy to sell used clothing and accessories. It is considered one of the best cheap clothing stores.  Poshmark was founded in 2011. This site makes very easy earn money by reselling your used clothes, shoes and accessories. In this content, we will tell you how to earn money in Poshmark step by step, and what you should know to succeed.

How to start earning money in Poshmark

The first step to make money in Poshmark is to create a free profile. This profile is called your “closet” or “boutique”. Starting to sell on Poshmark is simple. You just have to follow these steps:

  • After signing up for Poshmark, download the application to your phone.
  • Take photos of the clothes / shoes / accessories you want to sell
  • Complete the basic details (such as brand, condition and price) and publish your articles on the market.
  • After publishing your clothes, you will notice that other buyers will visit your closet / boutique.
  • After completing the sale, you will have 7 days to send the item to the buyer.

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Apart from being a used clothing store online, Poshmark also incorporates a social platform. This allows you to earn more money, since you can sell faster after having a good number of followers in your profile or closet.

How to sell in Poshmark and maximize your profits: Step by step

After downloading the Poshmark app, upload your photos and add a description. Then you will notice that people will start to see your listings. Also some people will begin to follow your profile or “closet”, follow them back. Selling on the Internet is an art, so follow these tips to succeed and earn money with Poshmark:

Post photos that attract potential buyers

Quality photos are crucial for sales. Your goal when taking photos that attract interested buyers: improve lighting. You can take good photos with your cell phone if only the lighting is better, so take clear and bright photos. So your photos should show the clothes as they are, without hiding their defects, you allow shoppers to see exactly what they are buying and you will avoid problems in the future. You could also add a photo of yourself using the article, so your buyers will have a better idea of ​​the product.

Use titles and descriptions to sell more

Titles and descriptions can help you earn more money in Poshmark. You can sell your used clothes faster by using emoticons in your titles to capture the attention of shoppers. We also recommend writing brand names in your title, as many buyers will be looking for specific brands. By including this keyword at the beginning of the title you can also help your clothes appear first in searches.

Show how to wear and combine clothes

Giving your buyers ideas on how to wear and style your clothes can be very useful, especially since Poshmark has a no return policy. You can give style tips in the descriptions to convey to users how versatile clothing is.

Prices are not always negotiable

Poshmark prices are not usually negotiable. As a seller, it is natural to assume that your prices are firm, and that they are not open to negotiation. However, they may send you offer at a lower price than you ask.

Use your creativity to sell more

Offering something extra for your customers will be a good way to convert them from recurring buyers. Experts recommend that you give an extra touch to the packages you send to customers. For example, you can wrap the items in tissue paper and add a ribbon before sending them.Adding a little extra touch could mark between a ratings of three to five. This will result in more sales, since people will not buy from a seller with poor ratings.

Sending your clothes to the buyer

Poshmark shipments are made using USPS Priority shipping (in English, Priority Mail), so you can use the free boxes of various sizes free of charge available at the post office. After completing the sale and obtaining the free boxes, wrap the clothes to be sent. Remember to include a thank you note while packing. Print the label you will find on Poshmark to send the clothes to the buyer. It is very important to send the items quickly.

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After selling in Poshmark

After completing the shipment, the buyer can rate you between 1 and 5 stars. This is why it is important to photograph and write about the damage to the clothes (if any), so the buyer cannot claim that you cheated.

Conclusion: Earn money in Poshmark

Poshmark has one of the easiest mobile applications on Google or Apple, as well as a highly visited website. This makes it easy to start earning money as long as you have used clothing that is attractive.


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