There are tons of reasons to send money back home to friends and family. Maybe you left Nicaragua to get a job for the sole purpose of being able to send money back home, or maybe you’re studying in the United States and want to send some cash back home for a special birthday or anniversary. No matter what your reason for sending money, you can be certain that in today’s technologically advanced world, there are many ways to do it.

No matter how much you’re planning on sending, you have to decide exactly how you want to do it. Here are four safe ways to send your cash, and one way that isn’t safe, so you can choose the method that’s best for you.

Money Transfer Service

One of the best ways to send money is by using a money transfer service. It’s a great option if either you or the recipient doesn’t have a bank account.

It’s more convenient than it has ever been before too! You no longer have to stop in to a physical location in order to wire the money if you have an account. With the internet, you can send money from a computer that can be picked up in person by the one receiving the cash.

Just make sure you take the time to find an affordable transfer service. Look for one that has low fees and a good exchange rate.


If both you and the recipient have a bank account, you can also send money using your accounts. This is the best option if you both use the same bank. In many cases, banks will allow you to send money for free to other accounts.

You can also use your bank to send money to an account at another bank, but it can be a bit costly. It can also take anywhere from 24 hours to a few days for the money to be transferred. However, you can rest assured that your money is protected while it is being transferred.

Online Apps

A slew of online apps are making it easier than ever before to send money back and forth. They include:

  • PayPal: Almost everyone has a PayPal account, but if you don’t, it’s easy to get. It also enables you to pay for goods or services on the internet while keeping your financial information secret.
  • Google Wallet: All you need is a Gmail address to send money. They are currently experimenting with international transfers, so you’ll be able to use this app to send money to Nicaragua in the near future.
  • WorldFirst: If you’re so over cell phones and use your wearable device to do everything, this app enables you to send money around the world using your Android Wear watch.


Maybe you’re sending money to an elderly relative who isn’t into all that technological stuff. Or maybe you aren’t quite ready to entrust your bank account to the world wide web. There’s always a less technological option—sending a check.

Although it is difficult for someone to cash a check that isn’t written out to them, it isn’t impossible. Make sure your check is safe in the mail by:

  • Tracking it so you know when it arrives
  • Covering the check so you can’t tell what’s in the envelope
  • Restricting the check “for deposit only to account of payee”

If the check doesn’t make it to its final destination, you can always cancel the payment before it goes through. Make sure you check in with the recipient so you know exactly when they receive the check.


All of the options on this list so far are great ways to send money. They all have various pros and cons associated with them, but at the end of the day, any one of those options will provide your friends or family back home with the cash they need.

The one way you shouldn’t send money is by stuffing an envelope with cash and sending it in the mail.

It is very easy for a thief to get ahold of the envelope and take your money. Not to mention, accidents happen at the post office and the money in the envelope could end up getting damaged or lost. Never send cash in the mail!

There are tons of ways you can send money to your friends and family in Nicaragua. Do a little research so you can find the method that is convenient for both of you.