Wondering about how to buy the products you like on Instagram? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we would be discussing about shopping on Instagram.

Instagram is an amazing rapidly growing social networking platform among other social media platform in the world. Instagram proves to be the best platform having a high rate of engagement than any other platform.

Engagement rate is around 58 times higher than any other social media application that’s why many businessmen prefer Instagram for marketing their brand. There are some great Instagram Marketing tools available that can also help you to grow your business on Instagram. Such as Likegrowers for Instagram Auto Liking Process, Later.com for Instagram Management, Canva for Photo Editing, Likesgainer for Organic Growth on Instagram and many more tools available that you can use to grow fast on Instagram.

People spend most of the time in scrolling through pictures and videos discovering new products as it have one of the most engaged and active user databases. 

Shopping on Instagram: 

A new feature recently launched by Instagram is the shopping feature that lets brands and stores to tag their products in their stories and posts. Using this amazing feature, business persons can easily generate many sales by promoting their products on Instagram.

The process is quite simple. You simply have to tag your product in your posts or stories. So whenever a user opens your posts or stories, your products would be listed there. If he likes the product and wants to buy it or learn more about that product, an option is available there known as tap to view products.

By tapping on the product, a popup appears on the screen revealing more information about the product such as Product name, price, and the link. So if you get interested in buying that product, you have to tap on the link of that particular product and it would take you to the website where you can make a purchase online. Shoppable posts tend to look the same as a normal Instagram post, Just there is an additional note saying that “Tap to view product”.

Shopping through Instagram Stories:

Stories are a great way to get connected with your followers. It is an amazing feature of Instagram that lets you show your story to your followers for 24 hours and after that, it would disappear. The stories should be relevant to your product.

Moreover, you can post stories of your upcoming products as a product teaser to attract the audience. This is probably one of the best ways to showcase your products on Instagram Stories to get more sales. More than 500 million accounts explore stories of their favorite accounts (including people, brands, etc).

The most viewed stories are usually from businesses. People have been promoting their products more often using Instagram stories which also supports shopping feature now. Just they have to tag their products in their stories with a little information like product name, price, and URL of the website where they can purchase the item. The process is the same as of tagging products in the Instagram posts to make them Shoppable.

Keep in mind that this feature is not for everyone. There are some requirements which must be fulfilled in order to access this feature.

What are the requirements?

Following is the list of requirements to access shopping feature on Instagram.

  • You must have a business account on Instagram.
  • Create a fan page of your product on Facebook.
  • Create at least nine shopping publications.
  • The profile should be connected to the Facebook Catalog.
  • Must have an official site to sell products.
  • Must have the latest version of Instagram.

Activating the Shoppable feature

Now after fulfilling all these requirements, you must be wondering about the next step to access the Instagram shopping feature? Right?

Simply perform these steps mentioned below:

  • Open your Instagram account settings
  • You’ll now see an option “Shopping”. Tap on it
  • Select your product catalog.
  • That’s all. You’re done. 

Once you have performed all these steps one by one, you’ll now easily tag your products in your Instagram posts and stories providing little information about your products. Simply tap on the product and enter the required information about the product and hit ok. Your product then would be tagged.

Final Words:

If you are an eCommerce store owner or selling any products then Instagram is the right place for you to market your products and get more sales. Instagram allows you to sell your products through its great features. Setup your Instagram Shopping feature and start selling your products on Instagram. 

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