With the effects of COVID-19 still hitting people around the world, you may find that you’re not as social as you were in the past. Even if your city lifted its lockdown, you may still find that you want to social distance and stay away from your loved ones. Some of your friends may live in cities where it’s not safe to visit too. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to let them know that you care. There are some great and easy ways to tell your friends that you’re thinking about them when you can’t be there.

Create a Slideshow

If you’re stuck at home and bored, why not take some time to organize all those photos tucked away in albums? You can easily scan them and create copies that let you make a virtual slideshow. Depending on how long you’ve known each other, you might have photos that date back to your college or high school years. Make the slideshow special with the addition of some music and graphics such as those that you can add through free programs. It’s easy to share the slideshows on social media or send them in an email.

Send a Gift Basket

When was the last time you received a thoughtful gift?Thanks to innovative gift basket companie, you can send fun gift baskets to friends filled with goodies. Gift baskets allow you to send a variety of items such as red wine gifts that you can easily send through the mail. These baskets come in different sizes to fit all budgets too. You can also include something personal like this collection of merchandise from their favourite ‘Friends’ TV show.

Go Through Your Books

Book lovers often have books that they want to share with others. If you have loved ones stuck at home during quarantine, send them one of your books to let them know that you care. It’s helpful to write a short inscription on the front to tell the person why the book made you think of them and why you believe that they’ll like it. You might include a bag of microwave popcorn that they can snack on while reading too. This same idea works with movies if you have DVDs or other discs that you think your friends would like.

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Use Virtual Calls

FaceTime is an easy to use app that is already built into your phone.. It connects to the camera on your phone to let you chat with others in person. Seeing the faces of your loved ones can lift your mood and help you beat your boredom. You’ll find other apps that are suitable for group calls too that let you get all your friends together for a few minutes or longer. Some apps even let you play games together too. When you’re stuck indoors and want to stay connected, you can use any of these ideas to let your friends know that they’re in your thoughts.


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