BBQ is a delicious and appetizing food that all food lovers love. You need a smoker first to smoke BBQ ribs. You can smoke your BBQ ribs in some ways in your smoker. Low temperature with an extended period of time is mostly needed to prepare your loved BBQ ribs on the smoker. Besides, you can smoke the ribs with high heat as well to get a crispy and crunchy exterior of the ribs. Low temperature is needed for soft and tenderness of your BBQ ribs. So, you can go for any option you like most, but you need a few smoke gears and ingredients so that you can do it properly.

In this article, we are going to show you the exact ways and preparation for the BBQ ribs in your smoker.

Things you need to start

It is certain that you need a BBQ smoker whether it is traditional or modern. But the traditional one is better in this case. Otherwise, you can also use charcoal or gas grill to do the same thing.

Before starting the process, make sure that you will need a lot of fuel whether it is wood or charcoal to continue the cooking because it is a long time cooking process. Besides, you need a strong, heavy-duty aluminum foil for the wrapping purpose, racks of ribs, a rib rub, knife, and barbecue sauce to make delicious ribs.

Make your smoker ready for the long haul

To achieve a high temperature around 110 degrees centigrade, you need to start at least 5-6 hours before. And if you want to add rib sauce to the ribs at the time of starting and ending, add some strong sauce to the smoker.

Be careful while buying the ribs pork or beef

The rack of ribs should be even in thickness to get evenly cooked BBQ ribs. Besides, all area of the ribs will not be cooked evenly. As a result, your process may ruin to get delicious BBQ ribs.

So, after purchasing the rack of ribs and take it home, you have to take the knife (in most cases) and start removing the layer of the membrane from the ribs. The membrane does not allow the meat to cook properly and evenly. So, if you cook with the membrane on the meat, it is sure you will not get well-cooked ribs at all.

It’s time for the rib rub

For extra flavor, the rib rub is one of the best sauces to add to the meat. But make sure you have added it before placing the ribs on the smoker. It makes your ribs spicy with a sweet rub. Maintain a perfect time between preparing your smoker and ribs as well to get the best crispy ribs. Otherwise, you will get a hammy flavor if it is too early to add the rubs to the meat. So, be careful before adding them to the ribs. The rub aims to make a coat to the whole surface of the meat.

The smoker is ready to smoke the ribs

Time has come to place the rack of ribs in the smoker to cook your delicious spicy ribs. As you know a continuous evenly flow of heat is needed to make the ribs perfect. Otherwise, the process of making ribs in the smoker will ruin. Also, if you see there is a hot spot in your smoker, you should without any delay fix it.

Continuous airflow is also important all around the ribs so that it helps to get crunchy ribs at the end of the cooking process. You can place the rack of ribs or not. It depends on how much space is there in your smoker. If it does not have enough space to hold the ribs, it is better to place a rack of ribs in it.

Wrap the ribs with the heavy-duty aluminum foil

A rack of ribs should be cooked for 6 hours to get the better result. During this cooking time, the ribs absorb most flavor to make it spicy. So, in this time make sure you can supply good smoke from your smoker to the ribs. Wrapping with the aluminum foil is needed 2 hours after the cooking process began.

Adding sauce to the meat

Add sauce you like to get the delicious ribs whether it is pork or beef. You can add your desired sauce at the time of starting but make sure you have to add them at the end of the cooking process also.

It’s ready to serve

Before serving the ribs, allow a few times to rest the ribs. Let the sauce sink into the meat at the time of resting. For the rack of ribs, it should take 10 minutes to rest and gets ready to be served.

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