How to start Guaranteed profit Business of Escape Rooms Game

Over the past few years, the gaming industry has been snowballing. Escape rooms are one of those popular games that have caught people’s interests. In just a couple of years, the escape room business has grown from less than 100 to more than 2000 locations only in America.

But as there is the risk of failures attached to every business, the same thing goes with the gaming industry. Some of the Escape rooms businesses have got enormous success while many shut down in their first year due to weak strategies and lack of innovation.  

In other words, the Escape room business is profitable, but it requires hard work, the right investment, and technological advancements. With less competition in this industry, there are more chances for you to create a standing out business of Escape rooms game. In this post, we’re going to tell you how exactly you can do that.

What are Escape Rooms Actually? 

Escape rooms game is basically an adventurous game that consists of a series of puzzles, finding clues with the help of physical and electronic elements. In this game, a group of participants is locked in a room. The theme of the room can be different. You can select from Murder Mystery theme, a prison escape theme, a bunker theme, etc. The participants have to solve the puzzle in the assigned time to escape from the room. Click here to see more.  

How Much Can You Earn? Is It a Profitable Business? 

Escape rooms business gives an outstanding return on the investment. Existing escape room franchises in USA charges up to $110 for a team of three participants, and it goes to $200 for five participants. We found out that an escape room business can you around $300,000 business annually. 

A Guide For Creating Escape Rooms:

Starting the escape rooms business requires space, a business plan, and a physical space where you build the escape rooms. The basic steps are;

  1. Choose the best place for setting up Escape rooms
  2. Choose the exiting setting for the theme of the game
  3. Set a time limit
  4. List down all the clues and challenges which you want to include in your setup
  5. Make a flow diagram of it
  6. Create interesting puzzles for each challenge, and they must be of moderate difficulty level.
  7. Choose the places of hiding the clues
  8. Select the best music according to your theme.
  9. Put all plans into action
  10. Rehearse the escape room experience
  11. Select a compelling price for the winner of the game
  12. Choose the charges for your escape room
  13. Start marketing

OR you can outsource all of that work by contacting escape room franchise usa and leave everything to them. These companies have professional escape room makers who manage everything perfectly and provide you with a ready-made escape room business setup. 


Escape rooms are becoming a trend in the gaming industry. That’s why it can attract a huge sum of revenue. All you need to do is target the audience properly and bring innovation to your business by updating the themes of the games. The best thing about the escape room is that kids, adults, and working people can play it. That being said, it is the best time to start your escape room business.


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