The MLM or multi-level marketing business model is where an organization sells its products or services through distributors who, in turn, earn from sales of the commodity and through recruiting others to become fellow salespeople. AdvoCare utilizes this strategy for its dietary supplements for nutrition, weight management, fitness, and performance.

Here are some tips on how to succeed with AdvoCare MLM business opportunity:

1. Listen and Learn From Your Upline

An upline is a term for the person who recruited you. Inversely, you are their downline since you are one level below them in the business model. Think of them as your mentor and ask them about their story, as well as experiences in promoting AdvoCare.

Be willing to listen and replicate what they did to become successful like what Ippei Kanehara of did.

2. Earn Your Buyer’s Trust

MLMs have gotten a negative reputation since some representatives use deceptive tactics to draw in new members; however, no company advocates for this type of behavior. Always be honest with your transactions, whether you’re talking to buyers or potential recruits. You can promote your products without making exaggerated or false claims.

These are a few ethical principles you should practice in business: 

  • Integrity
    This pertains to the ability to do the right thing even when doing the opposite would allow you to gain more. With AdvoCare products, you can choose to give your customers the benefits of the supplements and the possible side effects they may encounter when they consume them.
  • Reliability
    Show that you’re reliable by being on time and keeping your word when you meet with buyers, recruits, and fellow members.
  • Loyalty
    When you joined AdvoCare, you are informed about industry secrets which they’re using to succeed in the business. You should keep confidential information to yourself and support the company as they’ve equipped you.
  • Respect
    Whether you’re dealing with a college kid or a business owner, you must exhibit the same degree of respect for them both by valuing their rights and interests.
MLM Business

3. Promote Your Products Online

While AdvoCare does have its own website, you can create your own page to attract potential clients online. With this, you can market to them directly since they have expressed interest in the products by landing on your site. It will make the completion of the sale easier since you have fewer barriers to tear down because these visitors are already curious about what the goods can do for their health.

Some ways to start promoting your products online: 

  • Blogging
    One of the simplest methods is to start a blog. Create valuable and compelling content that highlights the benefits of the products. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action, which tells readers what they should do after viewing your post.
  • Email Marketing
    An email list is an excellent way to keep engaging with your existing customers and remind them that they should buy more products from you. Plus, you can give them exclusive deals and discounts when they click on a link in your newsletter.
  • Social Media
    Social media is a potent tool for marketing your products. Consumers of all ages are on Facebook so you can make the most of it by posting photos of AdvoCare supplements regularly. Instagram is also a remarkable platform for promoting your goods and engage more customers.

4. Know Who You Should Sell To

Since health and fitness is a broad niche, you must be able to identify your target market. Typically, most people who buy dietary supplements are athletes, coaches, and trainers. However, you should focus on a specific persona first, so that you can perform targeted marketing. This way, you increase the likelihood of the sale of your products since you are providing a solution to their particular needs.

Other customers who will benefit from your products are:

  • College students who need the energy to study for all their tests.
  • New mothers who are struggling to lose the weight they gained from pregnancy.
  • The elderly who can’t process solid food and need meal replacements to sustain their bodies.
  • People suffering from loose bowel movement or food poisoning who must replenish the electrolytes they lost.


While there are negative comments about MLM companies, not all manipulate and deceive their members or customers to gain money. There are those who provide high-quality products and offer several ways of earning aside from commissions and direct sales. Always remember that hard work and perseverance are the ingredients you need for success in any business.