Chronic illnesses are medical conditions that last very long and often can’t be completely cured. As such, they don’t only affect the patients’ health, but can have a devastating effect on their social life as well. Suffering from the illness for so long can cause people to experience financial problems, lose confidence, and develop a sense of isolation and loneliness.

If we see one of our friends struggling with some of these problems, it is our duty to step in and lend a hand. Let’s take a look at some of the good deeds we can make.

Ask your friends how they feel

Yes, it’s that easy. The simple act of showing that you care can go a long way in making the friends suffering from chronic illnesses more confident and less isolated. It is always good to know that you have someone who will be ready to listen to your problems and show some compassion. Still, you have to remember that, when having such conversations, you shouldn’t try to steer your own problems and help the friends feel better by comparing them with other people.

Don’t overdo the medical advice

When you see your friends going through a difficult period, you feel very tempted to find some way to help them. Sometimes, this help can come in the form of shared knowledge or reference to some new medical procedure. Do your best to refrain from such behavior. You are far from qualified to offer medical assistance, and you may rub your friends the wrong way if you are not well versed in the topic. Instead, stick to offering support and making your friends feel better when they are down.

Help with the things you can

Although you probably lack the medical knowledge to treat chronic diseases, you may lend your hand when it comes to useful everyday stuff. For instance, if you have a cousin that works at the hospital you can find a way to help the friends with the appointments and tiresome paperwork. Or, if you can find kratom wholesale, it can help them relieve their pain. And sometimes, even a good movie recommendation can prove to be of great help.

Support lifestyle changes

Support lifestyle changes

Living with a chronic illness often entails some lifestyle changes. Your duty as a close person is to make sure these changes are introduced with ease. Therefore, if your friends need to quit smoking, do not light a cigar in their presence, or quit smoking altogether to show support. If they need to lose some weight, prepare them healthy meals when they drop by. Alternatively, you can ask them to go to the gym together. Everything change is far easier if you have good company.

Take some time to learn about the illness

You don’t need to become an expert, but even something as simple as a basic understanding of the condition can make your friends’ lives much easier. First, you will show that you care enough to learn more about their lives. Second, you will become much better apt to provide first aid and align with your friends’ lifestyle necessities. This is especially important in the case of dietary restrictions associated with conditions like diabetes or chronic kidney disease.

Be flexible when making plans

As we already mentioned one of the worst things about suffering from a chronic disease is the possible social implications. That is why you must keep your friends a part of your social circle, even if they sometimes prove to be a difficult company. You need to understand that various delays and canceled meetings are not their fault and be as flexible as possible when making and keeping plans. For every canceled activity there is an equally satisfying alternative.

Show the friends their value

Finally, showing support isn’t all about pampering – your friends also need to preserve the sense of dignity and self-value. So, help them realize their value by assigning them with the tasks you hold important. You need someone to watch your kids while you are out for dinner or to pick up your car from the mechanic? Don’t disrespect your friends by assuming they are not capable of doing these things. We hope these seven tips will help you reach a better understanding of the troubles experienced by your friends suffering from chronic diseases and present you with a couple of ways to make their lives easier. True friendships are shown in the wake of trouble – now is the time to show just how good friend you can be.


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