Did you know that only about 0.03% of decent senior college basketball players ever make it to the NBA? Did you also know that less than 5% of NBA players ever make it to the all-star? Now you know. Stay up -to-date on your favorite team’s schedule, like the Celtics schedule, and get tickets to a game so you may experience the action up close and feel encouraged to strive toward your goal by witnessing their skills. If you haven’t noticed already, the top players have two things—an indefatigable work ethic and physical attributes to boot. The later you can’t do something about it. If you are 5”11, you will not change that. However, you can do something about the other side of the game.

Physical attributes do not determine any metrics in basketball. Skills and techniques tend to have a greater impact than what nature bestows you. Sport intelligence also comes in handy, but it requires you to harness it for maximum returns.

Even when you have the physical attributes to become the best, you will need more than that. Here are the things that will always make you a better player.

Don’t just finish the drill

Why do we go to practice? We only practice getting better. If you are happy to finish the drill, you will only end up as an average player. The best players focus on the quality of the exercise. However, most of the training drills are difficult, tiring, and repetitive; they are meant to condition you for the vagaries of the game. In case you have not noticed, NBA players make it look effortless on the court, but their bodies will always tell you it is not. They will be all sweaty by the 6ths minute of every quarter. The game is tough. So, it might look effortless, but in reality, it requires considerable practice to do it right. So, go further than the drill. Come early. Leave late.

The handling of the basketball, especially the left hand, is one of the most significant problems among younger players. Every day for 20 minutes, spend 20 minutes doing stationary ball-handling to become more comfortable with the ball. Don’t make it seem like a hard effort. Make each drill as quick and simple as possible while still maintaining good form. Look for the Packline Defense course where they teach you basketball tricks.

Take the journey online

Today, they say that the internet will teach you the highest academic degree that you can ever dream of. Athletes are taking onto the internet to learn any possible move and drill. It might not surprise you to know an Olympic gold medalist confessed to using YouTube as the only training option. You can strengthen specific areas of your game. There are many online resources, such as this website, to help you improve your specific skills. The website will guide you on shooting and dunking. You will learn specific areas such as handling, jumping, tricks, dribbling, defense, offense, strategic passing, and such skills. You will find a site where you can study almost everything, as well as tutorials that you can use for your training.

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Lift your weakness

They say the only way you can know you are practicing dribbling right is by dribbling past an opponent using your weak hand. It is not easy to do that, but it gives you an idea of why you cannot let any aspect of your game to experience delay. You have two goals, lift those parts of your games that are struggling and shooting for the stars in your comfort zone. Eventually, you will become an all-round player.

Refuse to accept excuses

It is raining, get into the garage and start practicing. If you don’t have a subscription to professional trainers, that is not an excuse not to learn. We have enough free trainers thanks to the internet, you will probably never exhaust. You don’t need elite training gear. Kids train on the tarmac with just average sneakers and end up in the NBA. Some little comfort is great, but you don’t stop if you don’t have those excellent resources.

Refuse to accept excuses


Most people do not fail in life because they don’t have opportunities. They fail because they are either afraid to fail or don’t want to try. Those who are afraid of training end up with ill-discipline, trying to take shortcuts such as performance-enhancing drugs and even substance abuse. Such things will hurt you in the end. Be disciplined throughout because any sporting event requires teamwork. If teammates cannot rely on you, you will have a hard time impressing any coach.

Make the hard simple

You will know that you are doing something if you start doing hard things easily. If you had trouble dunking at speed, you would know that you are practicing right the day you will dunk at speed and not even break a sweat. If you pick a skill that you want to learn, make it effortless.

Average players can become better players. Good players can easily become great players. If you can harness your strengths, you can improve your game. The drill is simple, stay healthy, work on your shape, start strengthening your weak areas, be better at whatever you do, or try.