Kids bring joy. They make you happy. They can be exciting in the house. But did you now that kids don’t love tasks such as teeth brushing? Plus, you cannot force your kids to brush. However, there are strategies you can adopt and make tooth brushing a daily activity. Remember, regular tooth brushing will promote your kid’s overall oral health. Among other things, regular tooth brushing will combat tooth decay. Here are tips and tricks you can employ to have your kids brush their teeth on a regular basis.

Create a Good Routine

Tooth brushing should start before your kids grow the first tooth. This should involve using a dump cloth to remove any food that remains from the gums. This should be done at least twice per day. Use fluoride chloride. Do it in a way that your kids take it as a positive, fun activity.

Make Tooth Brushing a Family Activity

Make brushing a family activity. Make sure that your kids brush their teeth every day. By modeling they brush their teeth well, you’re your little ones to stay healthy for throughout their lives. Plus, this allows you to demonstrate the best way to brush, and see how your children’s brushing is progressing.

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It Should Be Fun

Find a lovely song for kids and let it play for about two minutes as they brush their teeth. For instance, humming the ‘Happy Birthday’ song twice while they’re brushing can do the trick. You may also want to consider playing some fun videos. Even more, consider engaging in fun teeth brushing activities.

It Should Take Two Full Minutes

In just two minutes, your children can develop healthy tooth-brushing habits. Ensure that they brush twice daily for the full two minutes. Do this regularly and raise a generation of better brushers!

Rewards for Progress

Monitor your kid’s brushing and flossing. You can easily achieve this with the help of a simple chart that is often placed over your bathroom sink and provides non-monetary rewards for successfully brushing twice daily for two minutes. And this is particularly helpful when you’re trying to establish healthy brushing habits among your kids.

The Right Tools

Nowadays, children have lots of colors, characters, as well as flavors to choose from. Whenever you visit the dental aisle or a nearby store, let your children choose their favorite toothbrush and toothpaste flavor. This will ensure that they have a say in their own brushing routine.

Also, make sure that your kids can see the mirror when brush. And this could mean taking some steps or standing on a chair. Setting them up in front of a mirror will go a long way in improving your little one’s brushing technique while also encouraging them to brush a little bit longer.

Additionally, according to this dentist who offers the best dental implants in Lancaster, you should introduce regular dental visits to your kids at a young age. This is so they can strongly incorporate it into their dental routine as they grow old.

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The Bottom-Line

Don’t ignore the oral hygiene aspect of your kid. Train your children to brush his/her teeth on a regular basis. This should start even before developing the first tooth. The above tips are all you need to help your kid brush teeth regularly.

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