How to Use Consent Management to Make Your Website GDPR-Compliant

If your website has visitors from the European Union, you need to ensure that it is GDPR-compliant. Using consent management software is the easiest way to ensure that your site abides by the international standards of the privacy policy.

Without a consent policy one cannot even think of contacting a hospital, so there is a need for a good consent policy, and without proper knowledge about the linking departments, for example while making a consent policy you would need to keep an eye on the government health policy, any insurance policy and other privileges and lastly the legal authority.   

Today, we are focusing on how to give your site’s users their rightful option to consent to the cookie policy that you use. Find out how to manage consent in GDPR compliance on your website and which software to use for it!

What is Consent Management?

Consent management is the process through which you empower your website visitors with the option to decide how much of their private details they want to expose when accessing it.

Cookies are the files that a website records about an internet user whenever they visit it. These files may contain anything from the user’s name, email address, location, and browsing preferences. Most websites use these cookies for statistical purposes that help them improve their services and subsequently enhance user experience.

A consent management faculty has to divide its mind into various sections and while writing the consent policy they need to deliver each and every detail, whether minor or major. For instance they must mention, how they are going to use the information provided by the applicant. 

Consent management faculty does not only need to collect a data at a single time, but if needed they are also needed to upgrade the data as well.      

a consent management job is an evergreen task, the applicants can withdraw,change or upgrade their consent whenever they want, and applicants are not the only one who could affect the polci, the government and the related institutes can also have various effects on it, so the consent managers need to keep them in focus. 

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into effect in 2018, EU citizens are entitled to exercise their right to privacy when accessing any website while they are on EU territory. Regardless of where your website is based in the world, if you want people from the European Union to visit it, you must employ an effective consent management system, which should include:

  • Asking users for their consent
  • Preventing any tracking software from recording personal data until the user has consented
  • High-security storage for the collected data
  • Allowing users to withdraw their consent whenever they want
  • Offering a new consent form every 12 weeks as a requirement of the ePrivacy Directive

Why you Need Consent Management for your Website

Nowadays, having a website that does not employ consent management is quite rare. Implementing this kind of software enables your site to be GDPR-compliant and be available to visitors from the European Union.

Additionally, it allows you to activate tracking cookies, which later you can use to improve user experience on your website.

Other reasons for using cookie consent management on your website include:

  • Host your site on WordPress
  • Use Google Analytics
  • Embed third-party content on your site, such as YouTube videos

What is the Best Consent Management Software for you?

Cookiebot is a cloud-driven mechanism that helps websites complies with GDPR legislation. It is a safe and easy solution for controlling cookies and trackers while allowing users to opt-out of certain forms of tracking.

With Cookiebot you get a full cookie management solution that enables your website to collect and store user data consensually and legally. You can use this software-as-a-service tool to:

  • No cookie is activated until the user gives their consent
  • The visitor receives honest and accurate information about the cookies
  • Users can withdraw their consent at any time

Even as paid software, Cookiebot manages to be one of the most used tools that developers employ to ensure that web applications and websites conform to GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive.


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