Running a successful business involves putting in a lot of work. You must be willing to do whatever it takes to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. You cannot run a business without customers, and you should not just relax and wait for traffic to come flowing your way. How much are you willing to do to put your brand out there, engage with your customers and prospects, and convince them to try your products and services?

Marketing is the only way people are going to know about your existence. Marketing alone is not enough. You should be able to come up with an effective marketing campaign. Remember that whatever works for one business might not necessarily work for you. The right marketing campaign depends on the type of products you are offering and who your target audience is. While there is a range of marketing strategies out there such as social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing, you name them; incorporating corporate gifts in your marketing campaigns remains to be the most effective strategy among them all. You cannot go wrong with this regardless of what services you are offering and who your target customers are.

corporate gift bags will benefit you in numerous ways. It is an excellent way of growing your brand, improving your reputation, attracting new buyers, and retaining the existing ones. But how do you effectively use corporate gift bags in your marketing campaigns? Here are a few tips to help you do so.

Ensure that the gifts will promote your brand

Your brand’s reputation will significantly determine how your customers and your prospects feel about you. It will affect their judgment towards your products, and this will decide whether they want to buy your products or not. The first step before incorporating logo gifts in your campaign is to think of products that can help grow your business reputation, something different and things that will make the recipients remember you for the best. Marketing is all about letting people know about you and ensure that they can never forget you. The corporate gifts should be something that once they stumble on it at any time, they will be reminded of you.

How do you do that? Try and include your brand’s name on the gifts. For example, if you decide to offer them notebooks or pens, you can try and add your brand’s name or logo on it.  This way, whether the recipient is in class, at the office or anywhere running errands that involve a pen or notebook, everyone around them can see your brand’s name on those gifts, and you never know, they might get curious to know more about your services. This way, you will not only be convincing the recipient to stay loyal to your business, but also, you can pass the message to those around the recipients. The right corporate gifts to help you improve your brand and better your reputation should at least have one of these characteristics;

  • They should be wearable – wearable products are the most effective corporate gifts and are likely to gain the highest rate of success. This is because they will be exposing your brand boldly and visually. Things such as hats, shoes, shirts, and other outerwear are the most attractive. Make sure the logos or brand name eye-catching in a consistent but convincing way.
  • Make the products relevant – whatever you give your customers should match the environment, and by this, it means that they should be designed to fit the recipient’s home or work environment. Try and go for things that average people can keep for daily use as they will have more incentive to keep it.
  • The gifts should help solve a problem – you should not just select products for the sake of it, but instead, you should have your customers’ interest in mind. You should put their utility first and give them products that can help solve their common problems. For example, if your customers work in a pace that requires them to frequently make notes or sign documents, gifting them with pens will have a significant impact on them. If it requires them to charge electronics from time to time, USB drives will do them good. If your targets are athletes or love working out and taking other energy-intensive activities, maybe you should gift them with water bottles.

Go for products that they will need for daily use

The worst mistake you can make is giving out corporate gifts that the recipients may never need. That will just be a waste of your money and a waste of their time. The chances are that they will through such products in the furthest corners which could be in drawers that they barely use and will forget about them with no time. The items will be of no use, and they will not, in any way, be promoting your services. To decide which gifts will be helpful to the recipients, try and do thorough research to learn everything about your customers. The more you understand them, the easier it will be for you to make a long-lasting impression. Creating a lasting impression is the main aim of using the gifts as it ensures that you stay in the recipients’ minds. Some of the factors to consider to help you determine what they might need are family status, age, gender, and occupation. Think of their lifestyle and the kind of life they lead. Consider how they spend their days, and this way, you will be able to determine what they might need. Are they men or women? Are they young teenagers or older adults? What is their career, maybe athletes, tradespeople, or business gurus?

Take an example of women at the age of 16 to 24; these will most likely appreciate shopping bags with your business logo on it while the older adults might love calendars or wall pictures. The young schoolers are likely to enjoy desk supplies more than the athletes. The athletes and bodybuilders are more likely to love vests and canvas shoes while men regardless of the age, would appreciate stuff like USB drives and outerwear. These are just a few insights that could be a good starting point and guide you in deciding the kind of corporate gifts that your customers will love more.

Choose your gifts reasonably

It is not all about giving and getting nothing in return. When selecting the right products to utilize in your campaigns, ensure that you are getting profits in return. Do not make the mistake of spending more on gifts than what you get in return. Running a business is all about being smart and ensuring that you have strategic plans in mind. You should note that marketing is just one of the many activities that involve spending capital, and therefore, you need to set a budget first to avoid spending too much than you can recover. You do not want to end up spending your stock capital on gifts or end up with no money left to pay other bills like employees salary.

The goal of the marketing campaign is to increase your sales, and therefore, it is easy to fall into the temptations of trying so hard to please your customers that you end up forgetting about those requirements. For example, you cannot make the mistake of giving your customers and prospects something worth $100 each while your products cost $150. That would be a total waste, and before you know it, you will be filing for bankruptcy. Whatever you choose to use as corporate gifts should be reasonable. Customers are effortless to please, and even the smallest items matter. Go for small things like keyholders, pens, notebooks, T-shirts or bags and you will see just how happy that will make them. They will not forget to spread the word about you to their friends because all clients want is a seller that values and appreciates them.

The other thing you should have in mind is that the products you choose should be relevant. For example, if you are a laptop dealer, you can select simple things like laptop bags, and if you are a car dealer, a USB drive or key holder will do great. It is not all about who offers the most expensive gifts, but it is about who gives willingly and what impact the corporate gifts will have on the customers.

Ensure the gifts can help increase your ROI

Make sure that whatever you choose as gifts can help improve your ROI by increasing your sales. It will be of no use if you end up spending too much on the gifts, but you see no changes in your sales. The aim of setting up the campaign in the first place was so you can have your existing customers stick around while spreading the word about your brands. Whatever you choose should be good enough to attract people’s attention and should be convincing enough to make them want to try your products and services. For example, if you are giving out notebooks, bags, and outerwears, the chances are that everyone around the recipients will see the items. This is a good start, and the more they see it, the higher the chances that they will gain interest in you. You should go for things that will increase your exposure to the world, and you should, therefore, avoid things that the recipients will most likely keep in the house and be the only ones to see the products. Items such as bed pillows and other things that even visitors might not see once they visit the house are probably not the best choice to go for increasing exposure. Also, consider offering unique gifts. This means that whatever items you choose should not be the usual or daily things that people get whenever they go shopping. They should be something different from your competitors as this will not only help you beat your competitors but also will attract more individuals to work with you.

Measure your results

All the work that you put in the campaign and in creating the corporate gifts will be pointless if you do not take time to measure your return on investment. As mentioned, the goal is to increase your revenue through increased sales, and you can only know if you are in the right directions if you measure the results. While it is not easy to tell whether your corporate gifts are bringing results by tracking everyone who comes to contact with your items, you can still find out if you are doing the right thing or you need to make some changes. How do you do this? For starters, you can do a survey and try engaging with your customers to get feedback and insights on how they think about your efforts. Know what your customers feel and try as much to find out who refereed your new customers. Ask those that referred them if they have received any corporate gifts from you, and this way, you will know if their decision to refer new customers to you was a result of the incentives.

With these five tips and steps, the high chances are that you will be in a better place to incorporate gifts in your campaigns seamlessly and that you will get incredible results from it. The goal is to make your customers happy and make them feel that you value and appreciate their presence. You may choose to incorporate corporate gifts in your social media campaigns, such that you get to engage with your followers, hold a contest, and offer corporate gifts to the winners. You may also offer discounted products in line with your promotional gifts such that when one buys a particular product, they get free pens, or if you are dealing with cosmetics, you can sell neckpieces for free rings. It is all about creativity and trying things that will seamlessly fit in and give you results.


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