The eWallet is an instant money management tool. In fact, it is a special application that allows you to store digital cash and perform payments. You can pay utility bills, all kinds of online purchases, transfer funds, and pay loans via this tool. It’s also easy to find the units and a good price and purchase them via the specified program. The Wallet Factory Company has presented the white label app that is a decent solution for those businesses, which want to keep up with the times and have a great desire to manage finances with the help of one thoughtful and secure wallet application.

How the eWallet works?

Intrinsically, the mentioned platform is a modern development that can be installed on the Android and Apple gadgets. You can download the demo version on the official Wallet Factory website and choose among the available payment variants.

  •  QR code. You need only 2 things: a modern mobile device and a QR code. Most modern smartphones allow you to scan code without having to download a specialized application. There is no need to physically interact with the terminal and enter the PIN code of the card via the QR payment system. Moreover, you can check the transaction information before proceeding. The money transfer takes a little while and fully safe. QR codes are cheap in implementation and QR scanning is already integrated into iOS and Android cameras.
  •  NFC technology. NFC wallet is comprehensible for unit with Android 4.4 KitKat software version and higher with built-in NFC chip. Such a soft provides short distance communication between compliant devices. The technology requires at least one transmitter and one to receive a signal. Some NFC devices may be passive and some may be active. Such a system is extremely safe as potential criminals should come close to you in order to get the transmitted data. Before buying a smartphone, ask if there is such a required chip in it. If not, choose another one, because NFC cannot be integrated into an inappropriate smartphone.

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These technologies are fully safe and the Wallet Factory developers test them with the program before the further implementation. No need to carry cash or even a payment card. Even if you lose your phone, no payment data will be lost (if you follow the necessary rules of use, of course).

After app installation and verification, the user can pay for utilities, loan, games, Internet, electronic tickets, etc. All of the variants are presented in the application and can be chosen via simple tap. It’s easy to control the cost as you can always check the history of payments. The business owner also has a great possibility to send an invoicing to the customers. Choose the specified option and follow the instructions.

The branded eWallet can have different interfaces, as the Wallet Factory client has a great possibility to choose the most decent variant for his/her business. Administrative panel for the operator is a useful peculiarity via which the support can be presented to anyone. You can choose among 4 types of wallet (each of them is well-designed and is accessible for perceiving).


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