Driving your Jeep Wrangler is always fun, and any owner would admit that. However, if you are new to the car world, there are some simple mistakes that most people make. You may never know when you are going to need some assistance with your car. Of course, these days, many car services offer professional help in any issue that can arise, car-wise. Nevertheless, it is always nice to be prepared on your own and fix the problem the second it comes your way. Today we are going to help you learn how to inflate your tires properly with the help of a portable air compressor. The process is very basic in its core, and you can fund all the top rated off road air compressors on our blog too.

Setting the compressor up

It may seem quite obvious that the first step to take is to set the compressor up. However, if you are a beginning off-roader, you should not rely on your feelings only. You need to check the compressor’s manual carefully to make sure that nothing goes sideways. Also, the compressor’s hose must be connected to the regulator valve if you are not sure where it is or how it looks like, it is best if someone how has the knowledge shows the setting up process to you.

Oil level

As you may already know, oil is what makes your engine run smoothly. That is why the lower is the oil level, the higher are the chances of killing your engine. Something as simple as running an air compressor may result in such an outcome if the oil level is below the fill line.

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Air outlet valves

When you are about to run an air compressor, there is one more important step to take – you should close all the outlet valves, otherwise, the air will be coming out instead of staying in. It depends upon a certain car model as to how many valves there are so that you are going to need to refer to your car’s manual to succeed with the step.

Starting the engine

This step may be optional. The fact is that there are different types of portable air compressors. If you have the electric one, then all that you need is a power source to run the compressor. However, if it is not an electric compressor that you have at hand, then you need to run your engine to make it work. Thus, it is also essential that there is enough fuel in the tank too. All in all, a portable air compressor is a useful tool to have in the trunk of your car, especially if you are traveling on a long-distance. There is nothing worse than a flat tire somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Besides, using the tool seems hard only at first glance. If you follow the instruction step by step, you will need only a couple of minutes to have your tires back on the road!

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