There are many options for a night out outfit besides dresses and skirts. A versatile piece of clothing is a going-out top, which is making a great comeback. There are many ways you can wear and style them, with anything from pants and shorts to skirts. If you need any inspiration or an idea on how to combine going out tops, then keep on reading.

They are a versatile piece of clothing

Like any other top, going out tops are pretty versatile. You can wear them with jeans, skirts, shorts or pants. Different designs, materials and patterns can dictate how you can wear them. Whenever you are in a hurry, and you don’t know what to wear to a night out, jeans with a fancy going-out top and heels are a perfect choice, and you will look amazing in a matter of minutes. If, however, you want to be more fashionable, you can pair it with a skirt. A big trend right now is pleated skirts which look very chick and trendy when combined with an interesting top. High-waisted denim skirts also look great with any type of going out top.

Choose a type that makes a strong impression

Depending on what your personal style is and what you want to achieve with your look, you can choose different tops accordingly. A spaghetti strap top will make you more seductive because it reveals the delicate part around your neck and shoulders. A cleavage one will make you attractive, sexy and bold at the same time. Another interesting choice which would be a great fit for a fearless woman in you is a sequin top. You can match it with some big hoop earrings and soft, natural makeup, and let the top speak for itself.  On the other hand, if you want to look more romantic and feminine then opt for boho style, lace and soft colors. Animal prints are popular as well, and they will give you that edgy, Instagram glam.

Only buy pieces you know you will wear

Going-out tops are normally worn as a part of a night look. That is why it is important to choose items you know you will wear for a long time. If you can’t find your style, there are great online fashion stores that can help you choose. You can compare their items with a model or celebrity whose style you like and want to recreate. You can search for inspiration on any social media, mostly Instagram or Pinterest, and buy tops online. Some safe choices are simple mono-colored tops which are the most versatile. If you have one basic color like black or white, consider buying brighter colors, especially for summer nights. For a more special night out, some sparkle is a fun way to go. Tight designs will emphasize your curves and they are a perfect fit for a night out.

night look.

Choose according to your body type

Like any other item of clothing, you should pick tops for your body type. Many people dress to hide their imperfections and if that is your motto too, consider the following advice. If your troubled area happens to be your belly, then choose spaghetti strap tops and loose-fitted, peplum tops. If you want to hide your arms, long sleeves are a good option, of course. Crop tops have been huge in the last couple of years and they look great on any body type. As far as the colors go, if you want to hide anything, choose darker colors that you can then combine with lighter bottoms or a piece of jewelry. If you feel confident in any color, neon is a popular trend this year, so pick your favorite neon color and be creative.

Accessorize every outfit

If you choose simpler designs of going-out tops, there are always ways to style them up. You can wear unique, colorful heels with a simple mono-colored top. Headbands are also in right now, and they are a great way to spice up yesterday’s hair. Jewelry is always an option that can change your whole look. With cleavage tops, you can wear big statement necklaces to make them less seductive. However, if you want the full glam, then put your hair up and wear only big earrings. The options are numerous; the important thing is to be creative, imaginative and to find your own style.Going-out tops are an item you will always be able to match with different bottoms. Designs and patterns may come and go, but they will always be trendy. Whether you want to follow the newest fashion trends or not, you can always find a style that suits you and make it your own unique one.


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