Silk is, no doubt, one of the most luxurious items of clothing you will ever own. Besides being an expensive fabric, silk offers a sense of luxury to its wearer, with its soft and flowy material. Silk pyjama sets are some items of clothing you can invest in. You may ask, why spend money on something you will only wear in bed? The answer is, the bedroom is not the only place you can sport your sleepwear. You can also use it to make a fashion statement – whether for a day in the office, a night on the town, or to run errands. There are many ways you can wear silk outdoors. Here are some. 

Take out your heels

Nothing else spells sexy more than silk and heels. The heels will give you a taller and slimmer illusion, especially if you are wearing a boxed silk pyjama. Loose clothing tends to make you look boxier than you really are. Heels balance out your shape and give you a better look.

Layer it

You can wear a silk robe on top of your outfit, especially when it is chilly out. A silk robe paired with a simple white shirt and blue jeans and high heels will turn heads on the street. Your silk robe is thin, so you can’t wear it during cold days. It can only provide a little warmth when the weather is not too cold. Besides being fashionable, it is also functional.

Pair it with jeans

Silk and jeans go really well together. Your silk top will be perfect with tapered or skinny jeans and heels. You can wear it as is, or you can layer, depending on the weather or your mood. To wear it to the office, put on a blazer and soft pants.

Print-on-print or print-on-plain

There used to be a rule that you cannot pair printed clothing with another printed item. With people becoming fashion-forward, rules such as this no longer apply. If your silk clothing has prints, you can still wear it with printed pants, regardless of if they are similar or clashing. But if you are the conservative type, you can opt to pair a printed silk top with a plain-coloured bottom or vice versa. There are no rules, really. It’s all about what you think looks good on you and what you are most comfortable with.


So as not to look like you just got out of the bed and went straight to wherever you were going, pair your silk pyjamas with accessories, such as layered necklaces or statement earrings. This will make you look more put together, albeit wearing sleepwear. A nice bag will also make your outfit amazing.

The secret to stretching the possibilities of wearing your sleepwear outside the bedroom is to pick versatile pieces. Colours should also be in consideration, so you can wear them with different tones and hues. Besides the look, go for comfort as well. You should be able to wear it for hours without feeling any discomfort.

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