How to Weld at Home

Welding can be very risky and dangerous task, therefore knowing how to weld and how to weld safely is of utmost importance. You must learn welding form an experienced person if you think that your profession includes a lot of welding in it. Welding needs to be performed with caution, even for those that are experienced. It produces toxic fumes and sparks that require safety equipment and a certain level of care to control and manage. Gloves and a face shield are a must when welding and if welding in a confined space or small room with poor ventilation the welder should be wearing confined space breathing equipment to negate the toxic fumes created.

In this article I have explained some steps which can be followed for getting the best welding results in a very safe way. Although, welding is a daring task, but only a smart person can handle it.

I do not recommend anyone start welding until he has reached the age of 18, kids may think that they can be good at welding, but their hands are not strong enough to handle the metal. Also proper safety is necessary always cover hands with heat resistant gloves and feet with best welding boots. 

If you are a beginner then before starting consult some carpenters or watch some tutorials as well, this will help you in understanding the whole process.

if you think that welding is only related to construction and fixing then try to look around you with more observing power, welding process also encompasses the process of creating antiques and sculptures, in various studios you can easily come across people doing this dangerous task.

There are no other ways of connecting various pieces of metal, you can only melt them at high temperatures and join them when they are melted form their edges.

1.    Practice

You will have to practice first, do not turn on the flame but imagine that it is burning, and you are melting down the metal pieces.

While you practice make sure that you have got the right tools and safety tools with you. place your hand at the table and turn it in various directions, the only purpose of doing this weird activity is to check the turnability of your hand.

Decide about the cuts you are going to join; this will help you in saving your time and efficiency.

2.    Prepare the Article

Now you will need to mark the metal. Get some pencil or a chalk for marking th angles. This will ease your work.

You can also use a sharp cutter, for marking the metal, make sure that you have not made any harsh cut this will confuse you light marks are always recommended.

3.    Fix the Pieces on a Rotator

Now get a rotator and fix the metal pieces on it, you must make a 90 degree angle among the two piece, while you fix them check the space left between them, it has to be more than 5 cm, because when the metal will melt it will need some space.

Measure the size of the metal pieces this will help you in deciding the extra pieces you will need. Another thing you can do is add some broken metal pieces for joining the pieces without losing size of the joining pieces.

4.    Check the Joints

Now you must tack the joints at various points, this will help you in checking the strength of the joints.

This is important just to check if the, assembly is in place. You must make sure that the metal pieces are joint perfectly at the right angle, otherwise when you will be joining the metals there can be some imprecision.

5.    Finishing

Get a welding hammer and fix the joined metals on point. You must have to buy a 36 grit beads hammer for fixing the metal at the desired spot.

Now when you have fixed the metal pieces get a 60-degree grit disc and rub it on the joints, this will rub off the extra material. Giving your article a nice look.

6.    Priming and Painting

Now you will need some high-quality paint, you must use some wax for making a suitable surface for the paint. Use acrylic paints. Try some bright colors on the sides and dark colors on the edges this will hide the imperfection if there are any.

Lastly, while you are doing welding never ever do it with naked eyes, make sure that you are wearing leather gloves and glasses specifically designed for welding.

Make sure that there are no kids around you, thus, you won’t be disturbed. Sometimes the thought that you have got kids or pets around you can also be very disturbing effecting your concentration.


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