You might give presents to people on several occasions. At times, you don’t even need an event to provide another person a gift. You might consider wrapping the item in a box or bag to make the gift more presentable. If you find it challenging to wrap presents perfectly, here are four tips to help you cover your gift beautifully and neatly:

1. Get the Necessary Items

By now, you might already have your gift. Next, you need the necessary supplies to wrap your present. These items may include:

  • A ruler
  • A pen or pencil
  • Double-sided tape
  • Gift wrap
  • Gift bag or box
  • Ribbon or tag (optional)

You may need to scour around department stores or online shops for gift boxes or bags of proper sizes. It might be better to buy a larger box or bag for your gift. That rule of thumb may come in handy when you don’t have the gift in tow. Purchasing a larger container for the present may be ideal than thinking if it’s “just the right size.”

If you think the box or bag is a perfect fit and it’s not, then that’s money and effort wasted. You can fill a large container with used paper, Styrofoam balls, or other fillers to make up for the extra space.

2. Make Measurements

After buying all the items needed to wrap your present, it’s time to make measurements to ensure your gift fits the box or bag. First, find a large, flat surface. If you’re going to put your present in a gift box, unravel the wrapping paper you bought. Next, place the box over the wrapping paper. Make sure that you place the largest area of the container facing down.

Check if the box fits the wrapping paper you bought. Otherwise, add extra pieces if deemed necessary. Also, make sure that the paper is longer than the total length of each side of the box. Use your ruler to measure the extra wrapping paper. You may also use the ruler as a straight edge for cutting and folding.

If you’re going to use gift bags instead of boxes, finding the right measurements may be straightforward. Attempt to put the item in the bag. The right fit allows you to close the container without difficulty. If you can’t close the bag, then you might have to buy a larger gift container.

Gift Boxes and Gift Bags

3. Taping

A standard adhesive tape should suffice when taping various wrapping papers to boxes. However, consider using double-sided tape for the job instead. Double-sided tape may also make your present-wrapping more professional-looking than initially intended. You can also hide the tape to achieve a cleaner look.

Start taping your present by putting the box in the middle of the wrapping paper. Again, make sure that the largest side is facing down. Lift one edge of the paper to cover the vertical areas of the gift box. The wrapping paper should go over the edge of your gift box. Use a small amount of double-sided tape on the gift wrapper.

You can also use tape to cover the opening of a gift box. Another alternative is to use a stapler on the container of your present.

4. Apply the Finishing Touches

Measure, cut, and fold the wrapping paper of your gift box as many times as necessary to cover the present altogether. Make sure to wrap the gift as neatly as possible. Use straight edges or rulers to cut the wrapping paper neatly. Sharp scissors will also help you attain a neat present-wrapping job. Remember, particular items may not fit in a square or rectangular container.

Take note that gifts like specific sci-fi presents may need individual containers. Consider planning the wrapping job ahead of time instead of “winging it” to avoid complications.

Once you have successfully wrapped your present in a neat package, it’s time to apply the finishing touches. You can add a ribbon or gift tag to make the gift box or bag more presentable. Adding these extra flairs might even make your present more appealing to the eyes of the receiver, especially if you place it under a Christmas tree.

Once you finish wrapping the present correctly, it’s time to give it to the receiver of the gift. The present may be part of an occasion like a wedding or birthday party. Conversely, the gift may be for a person that you like. Nonetheless, a perfectly-wrapped present may become a great way to put a glimmer in the eyes of its receiver. Following these tips may help you achieve that goal.


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